• Neighberry and Pony Town Halloween Events Begin With LOTS of OpenPony Costumes Rewards & More!

    Another update for all of my fellow OpenPony enthusiasts out there busy collecting ridiculous amounts of outfits for our adorable equines! Halloween events have opened up in two more sims following the one that started us off this year at Luna's Empire (Read about that here!) Both Neighberry and Pony Town have also started offering games, and prizes for successful plays of said games. Your OpenPony is going to walk away with a LOT of new outfits this year if you are up for a grind.

    Head on down below for the details on each!


    This year Neighberry has a few separate areas for your popen to explore, and throughout two of them you will find candies to collect (they seem to drop 1-10 per pickup) and then trade in for three brand new costumes, as well as a ton of others from last year. Candies come in a few different forms, from small wrapped ones worth ~1-3 points, lollipops worth around 5, and candy bars that seem to range in the 5-10 range. There are also glowy green ones that are worth around 10. Alternately, you can murder a bunch of zombie fruit for tons of candy, or do a maze every 5 minutes for anywhere from 50-100 candy upon completion. The zombie slaying can be a little janky, but ask around for strategies and it should earn you a pretty sizable chunk to buy whatever you want once you get the hang of it.

    The Rewards 

    Three new costumes are available this year for everyone to collect:

    Cost: 3500
    Cost: 3500
    Cost: 3500

    And a ton of old ones from last year are up for grabs too for a cheaper price:

    Ash - Cost: 1000
    Chun-Li - Cost: 1000
    Princess Peach - Cost: 1000
    Revolutionary War - Cost: 1000 (Includes Redcoats and Union)
    Team Rocket Jessie and James - 500 Each
    Two new Mane Styles - 1000 Each
    You can also get a bunch of Star Wars armor, robes, and weapons at the counter for free.

    More Shots:


    This is the place the tutorial we posted a few months ago drops you off in. It's essentially a copy of Ponyville. For Nightmare Night, they are doing a simple trick-or-treat event where you collect a bag and wander around clicking doors. They can either give you candy, or "trick" you, sending you off into other dimensions or throwing bees at your poni. 
    This one is unfortunately time gated, so you will need to go back each day at reset. It takes about 2-4 days to earn a costume, and there are 3 available. Two haven't been revealed yet. They also have some really neat skins available if you want to transform your pony into a freaky cloth doll for the holidays.

    The Rewards

    Cost: 1000 - Two unreleased costumes that will unlock later in the month. One is a Pirate Admiral Costume, and the other a Pirate Gypsy Costume

    Skins for your popen to turn them into freaky cloth dolls at 500 candy each
    G5 unicorn horn for 250
    Statues for your house