• Transformers Crossover Over With My Little Pony in New Deckbuilding Game Expansion - Collision Course


    We have some interesting news for all the Transformers fans out there! A new expansion has been announced for the My Little Pony Deck-building game from Renegade. There isn't an image on their website about it yet, but they do have some details about what you can expect to find. They also have a limited time order incentive that includes a pack of 7 wooden "meeples" (similiar to these) that fit the theme of the crossover.

    Head on down below for the details and pre-orders! Expect it in September 2023.

    My Little Pony Deck-Building Game Collision Course a Transformers Crossover Expansion PRE-ORDER

    Pre-order now for an September 2023 release!

    For a limited time orders will receive the My Little Pony Deck-Building Game Meeple Pack #5 for FREE! The My Little Pony Deck-Building Game Meeple Pack #5 contains 7 wooden Meeples featuring the characters from the Collision Course Expansion:

    • Twilight Sparkle/Optimus Prime
    • Rainbow Dash/Windblade
    • Rarity/Arcee
    • Pinkie Pie/Gauge
    • Fluttershy/Soundwave
    • Applejack/Wildwheel
    • Spike/Grimlock

    My Little Pony Deck-Building Game Meeple Pack #5 will be added to your cart for free when ordering the Collision Course Expansion.

    • Due to some magical mayhem, the Transformers find themselves in Equestria!
    • The Decepticons teaming up with nefarious Pony Villains can't lead to anything good.
    • The Mane Six (and Spike!) team up with the Autobots as two in one character cards!
    • Use the mighty Autobots abilities by generating Energon on cards (or getting an energy boost by eating a Sugar Cube instead!)