• Renegade Reveals a Bunch of Stuff About Upcoming Pony RPG Books and Accessories

    Renegade Games, the company behind the pony deckbuilding game and current Tabletop RPGs hosted an online convention event to show off some of their upcoming offerings for all of their fans. During the livestream, they had a big segment about My Little Pony! A quick breakdown of what they discuss here:

    • The design team is just putting the finishing touches on the game.
    • The MLP RPG Core Rulebook is still set to physically release in June 2023.
    • The In a Jam Adventure and GM Screen is still coming out in August 2023.
    • The PDF (free with pre-orders) for the MLP RPG Core Rulebook will be available 14 March, 2023.
    • GMs participating in Renegade's GM Play program can get an original introductory adventure ("The Great Cake Mistake") to run at an event.
    • The MLP RPG Dice Set and Dice Bag is being sent out now for those who have pre-ordered them.
    • Renegade Game Studios will be at GenCon (August 3, 2023 through August 6, 2023) and will be running several events including events for the MLP RPG.

    Head on down below to watch!

    (If the embed doesn't start at the correct time, skip to 1:31:50)

    Thanks to Otaku-sempai for the heads up and bullets!)