• Take Those OpenPonies To "Love and Tolerance Con" on Second Life!

    Hello to all of my fellow Popens and Popen admirers! It's time for another community event over on the ever-growing Second Life pony community. All of the various sims have teamed up to create a big, week-long con running from the 23rd to the 30th of this month. The event will be squeaky clean content only, so it's safe for all this time.


    If you haven't tried OpenPony yet, this is a good place to do it since there will most likely be tons of random costumes, outfits, animations, and items to collect completely free as is the norm for the model. Or you can support the artists in the vendor hall selling all sorts of cool stuff.

    Consider this another OpenPony gallery. I ventured into their setup to see what all is cooking, and dragged a bunch of random mares along with me for pictures. If you'd like to join in on the event, or just want to see more 3D horses being cute, head on down below to read all about it! Point your viewer over here for the venue.

    What is this Convention and What is There to Do?

    Love and Tolerance con has it's own massive virtual venue, with a teleporter that takes you to a bunch of different locations, each offering different things to really explore and play around with your poni. Of course, ponies aren't required, but you can pick up OpenPony there since most sell stuff for that now. (or just go make one)

    Anyway, time for images and stuff to do!

    Vendor Hall

    Like any good convention, there will of course be a vendor hall. Most of the goods are centered around customizing your in-game experience in some way, from outfits to Halloween costumes to skins and everything else. There are also a bunch of freebies around and with Halloween going on right now pretty much every major pony sim has some kind of selection of costumes available that can be customized even further into various things. You can find more info on those over here and here!

    For the SL veterans or people that have been learning everyone's names over the past few months with our popen shenanigans, here's part of the vendor list (there are quite a few more, but these are the ones currently tagged on Discord):  

    • Anzu
    • GhostyGlue Hollowheart
    • Moonmochi
    • NyanRose
    • Princess Frost Moonlit
    • Semi
    • NovaXanthe
    • Giggle Sweet
    • CloudyKino
    • Toil N. Trouble Doodle
    • Rose Nova
    • Ebony Moon
    • Quasar
    • Cinder Fawnmyth
    • Draykah Hellerflanks
    •  Shukie Galicia
    • Alurh
    • Violet Hollowheart
    • Moonlit
    • Happy Lemon
    • Hmart
    • Quote Unquote
    • RottenLust Nova

    The Jungle

    If you pop in the teleporter, you will find the jungle as one of the options. This is a general hangout area with a creepy dark jungle feel. Chill on logs around the fire, or go join the kirins in weird rituals. Kirins like weird rituals. Someone tell Cinder Glow to stop. They also have a fishing spot for those into that. 

    The Game Room

    After you are done chilling, there is a huge game room with both traditional and regular games to play. The arcade cabinets actually work too! They load up little unity games from parody Sonic the Hedgehog stuff to RPGS. Since Second Life itself is more of a hang out and chat with pretty avatars thing, people have created thousands of games over the years. this place has a bunch of those. 

    The Beach

    Next up is the beach! Like the jungle, it's another Hangout area. Talk to other ponies, or just chill on the various pieces of beach furniture while taking pretty screenshots of your kirin~ This is pretty much all I do all day. 

    Sim Displays

    If you are looking for a home to hang out in after the convention, this is a great place to look! Or pick up your OpenPony here from the booth they have set up. Every major pony sim has a section here with a display to check out what they have to offer.

    They currently have most of the ones you see over at our Pony Sim guide, but also some new ones that were created after I wrote that up. So far the options include: 

    • Baltimare (The New 4chan Sim)
    • Ponyville
    • Luna's Empire
    • Moonshine Springs
    • Keystone Cove
    • Lost Lands Frontier
    • Deigh-Trot Wasteland (Fallout Equestria Sim) 
    • Red Misery Basin

    The Auditorium

    And finally, we have The Auditorium, where panels will take place. These will officially start happening later in the event on the 27th and 29th, so the full list of what is being offered isn't up yet, but expect people from around the community showing off their stuff.