• 25 Fanfics to Read For Applejack Day!

    We have another giant pile of fanfics for you all to read starring everyone's favorite apple themed mare! 25 in total today. Hope you are ready to put those eyeballs to work!

    For older fanfics, be sure to hit up this post, and it has links to even older ones! Thanks to Whisper Key as always for digging them all up.



    Slice of Life




    Somepony's Daughter by bookplayer [2k words]


    While coming home from the Canterlot rodeo with Applejack, Rainbow Dash spots a strangely familiar pony. The weird coincidence seems to mean something more to Applejack, leading to a conversation about family that may bring two friends even closer.


    Bloodberries by Estee [9k words]


    There are things which Applejack just knows in her heart, and chief among them is that Strawberry Sunrise is one of the worst ponies ever to fly slightly above the surface of the planet. She can see no reason whatsoever for the pegasus to have that greenhouse, the produce stand which has never been touched by Sun, and who can even figure out where her money comes from? There's no point to that mare's existence. None whatsoever.

    That's Applejack's honest opinion. The truth is somewhat different.

    Some customers only come out under Moon.


    Y'allin' by shortskirtsandexplosions [9k words]


    While welcoming a foreign dignitary to Princess Twilight's Palace, Applejack refers to the single monarch as "Y'all." This, of course, causes the entire Kingdom of Equestria to explode into flames.

    Okay, maybe not explode into flames, but it could happen... right? Just ask Twilight...


    All I Want for Hearth’s Warming by Moosetasm [4k words]


    Applejack has chosen to be alone on Hearth’s Warming because she doesn’t have a special somepony to spend it with, and doesn’t want to rub everyone else the wrong way.

    Just as she’s about to settle in for a long winter’s nap, Rainbow shows up and they both decide to find solace in each other’s company.


    Wisdom is Just Being Old by bookplayer [2k words]


    Applejack is a very old pony, and the last Element of Harmony left alive. On the sunny day of her last friend's funeral, she shows Princess Celestia that a lifetime of magic is more powerful then grief.









    Wetter Forecast by Estee [10k words]


    It's almost unheard of for a mission to wrap up that quickly, and nopony's scheduled to retrieve them for three days. Which means Twilight and Applejack can use just that time in the griffon nation to -- play tourist! Check out some of the local attractions! And just spend a few uninterrupted non-crisis days together, because that hardly ever happens. So before they decide what to do first, they should clearly consult the local weather schedule --

    -- forecast?

    What's a...

    ...surely they'll be able to adjust. Or at least be capable of telling the police why they couldn't.


    The Royal Family by Schrodinger's Pony [3k words]


    In a world much like we know, another family has the throne. Applejack, crowned Princess of Equestria, is having a really bad day, and it isn't helped when every single member of the Apple Family happens to be an Alicorn.


    The Final Accusation: A Legal Comedy by Kwakerjak [21k words]


    It's been twelve years since Applejack's ascent to her current status as the Earth Goddess, Princess Mara of Equestria. In that time, she's gotten quite used to her duties, be they ceremonial, executive, or judicial in nature. But when she's called upon to rule on a particularly contentious lawsuit involving some of the most obnoxious ponies from her past, the results may end up altering the very nature of Equestrian law.


    The First Rule by Wanderer D [3k words]


    Applejack enlists the help of Spike to search for the Legendary Sandy Paws across lands near and far, for he is the one being able to help her save the farm this Hearth's Warming Eve.









    Dear Applebloom by Jade Ring [6k words]


    Following Rarity's example, Applejack writes her little sister a letter. While Rarity's letter revealed the truth of Sweetie Belle's origins, Applejack's letter will shed light on the greatest unanswered mystery of the Apple family; what happened to Applebloom's parents?


    Apples to the Core (Pinkie Pie and Applejack Are in Love) by Mockingbirb [1k words]


    Finding out she and Applejack might be related was the worst day of Pinkie Pie's life.


    Gone Fishin' by PresentPerfect [2k words]


    A class field trip gets the Cutie Mark Crusaders talking about their parents. And an off-hoof comment by Apple Bloom gets Scootaloo wondering about something. She goes to Applejack to commiserate.


    Stop Making This Hurt! by mushroompone [1k words]


    Starlight Glimmer and Applejack both know they should probably break up.


    One Last Thing (Love Of My Life) by applejackofalltrades [9k words]


    As Strawberry's condition worsens, Applejack resolves to do one last thing.









    Plush Toy by Apricotstone [5k words]


    Fluttershy takes it upon herself to sew a plushie of the mare she holds closest to her: the sincere, understanding, tomboyish pony Applejack.

    It's only logical that she should give the plush to her, right?


    Don't Laugh At Me! by Starlitomega [3k words]


    "It's no secret that Applejack and I are really cool friends, but nopony really knows how I feel about her. Her awesome blonde hair, those powerful legs that won't quit, that amazing smile, all wrapped up underneath her trademark cowpony hat.

    Urgh! I've had it! I've just gotta tell her how she makes me feel!

    I just hope she takes me seriously for once..."


    Nuzzle Therapy by blue harvest [3k words]


    Rainbow Dash comes home to her marefriend Applejack. After a busy day of farmwork, Applejack has some fruit that she needs to count. Rainbow just wants to sniff her mane.


    Apple's Jewel by n3k1dsk1llz [4k words]


    Applejack and Rarity spent a wonderful Nightmare Night together. They left it as just that: a wonderful night with a good friend. But Applejack's heart can't help itself.


    Beginnings. by Cawfee [4k words]


    On the first day of their vacation together, Windy Whistles catches wind that she never got the full story of how Applejack and Rainbow started dating. Never one to discount an opportunity to make Rainbow embarrassed, and happy for an opportunity to bond with one of her marefriend's parents, she tells a story.









    The Refrigerator Light by Petrichord [16k words]


    The weather's grown cold, and the leaves are starting to fall. But this change in temperature's never quite so bad as long as you have somecreature with you, and at least for now Applejack and Ember have each other.

    But all things change. The seasons, most of all. And as the seasons change, all things under the stratosphere must change with them, for better or for worse.

    Maybe—just maybe—A weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods might be enough to change all that. Especially a weekend with a special somecreature. Maybe it could even be enough to bring about a satisfying ending.

    There's only one way to find out.


    Remaining Strangers by NaiadSagaIotaOar [2k words]


    A few days before Hearth's Warming, Applejack and Flim fall down a hole.









    Quantum Schlep by AugieDog [5k words]


    Theorizing that one could travel to parallel tooniverses where one's own species was sapient, Dr. Horace Horsecollar stepped into the Quantum Schlep accelerator...and vanished.

    He woke to find himself trapped in one cartoon realm after another, facing equine mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change the overall cosmos for the better. His only guide on this journey is Mickey, an observer from his own tooniverse, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Horace can see and hear.

    And so Dr. Horsecollar finds himself schlepping from life to life, striving to put right what could go wrong, and hoping each time that his next schlep will be the schlep home.

    This one isn't, though. This one has him schlepping into Big Mac's body just before "Applebuck Season."


    The Black Between the Stars by Rambling Writer [98k words]


    Applejack is not having a good day.

    She was nopony special: a gardener and sometime-engineer aboard the Golden Oaks space station, providing food and oxygen for the CelesTech researchers living and performing experiments there. She vaguely knew everypony, performed good work, and even was on first-name terms with a certain royal, but wasn't noteworthy. She was nice, a dependable worker, and not much else.

    But when the Stellar Thrones send up representatives for a routine tour, something goes wrong. Applejack wakes up a week later, with no memories of what occurred in the meantime, to find Golden Oaks ravaged. The entire station is in lockdown. Communications are nonexistent. The shuttles are destroyed. Power is unreliable. Most of the crew have been slaughtered. The escape pods don't work. Every module has been badly damaged. And something is prowling the station. Something capable of disguising itself as anything.

    With only a wrench and herself to rely on, Applejack pushes through the crumbling station to unravel the mystery. But her every step is being watched, her every movement is a risk. Because Golden Oaks isn't a research facility anymore. It's a hunting ground. And ponies are the prey.


    real eyes realize real lies by TheDriderPony [2k words]


    In a quiet spaceship making a nondescript voyage, Applejack knows something is wrong.

    The computer says everything is fine.

    Her crewmates say everything is fine.

    Her very eyes say everything is fine.

    And yet she just can't let go of the feeling that things are not fine at all.









    Truth Earned from Honesty by Whateverdudezb [14k words]


    Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a hybrid mare crosses the countryside, searching for the Element of Honesty. And just like the rest of her friends, Honesty is no longer just a simple bearer of her Element anymore.

    She is her Element.