• AJ Day Discussion: Character Development, Episode Ideas and More!


    My Little Pony Discussion Author Calpain

    AJ has been an interesting character in our cast of ponies from the beginning. Not because she had a crazy personality like Pinkie, or huge dreams and aspirations like Rarity or Rainbow Dash, but simply because by the time we met her it felt like she had things already figured out. She was sort of the rock in the group of pony friends still discovering themselves and finding their place in the world. Most of her conflicts seemed to come from when he cozy world had some sort of disruption happen to it or when her occasional pride and stubborness would get in the way.

    Otherwise, well, AJ was pretty normal.

    Sadly, that has led her through some tough times in the fandom, even being called Background Pony in the early fandom for how seemingly unremarkable she appeared to be.

    I like to think that as time has gone on more people have come to appreciate AJ for who she is. But what are your thoughts? What did you think of her development throughout the show and what sort of episodes would you have liked her to have?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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