• 18 of the Best Fanfics to Read For Trixie Day!


    We have another pile of fanfics for you all to read starring the Great and Powerful one from across the spectrum of genres! If you missed last year's, go get those over here. This list is different.

    Go read below and thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them up for us!


    Slice of Life




    Practice Makes Perfect by Flutterpriest [1k words]


    After Trixie's moonshot manticore mouth dive, Scootaloo shows up at Trixie's wagon wanting to volunteer for her next big stunt! Can Starlight, Trixie, and Scootaloo think of a cool, safe, trick for the next Great and Powerful Magic Show?


    Trix of the Trade by Pascoite [3k words]


    Luster Dawn is a promising young student at the School of Friendship, but somehow, she just doesn’t get it, and her grades have slipped. With the past and present perfectly aligned, Trixie will once again give somepony the most precious gift she ever has.


    The Nemesis by James Pwyll [2k words]


    Starlight and Trixie enjoy spending time with one another, and often they will just spend entire afternoons having pleasant conversations together. One such afternoon brings just such a talk, as the two mares decide to finally settle, once and for all, the ultimate question. Who was really Twilight's arch-enemy?


    Double Life by The Lunar Samurai [3k words]


    Trixie lives a double life. On stage she has been heralded as Trixie: The Great and Powerful, but elsewhere she is Trixie: Cart Puller Extraordinaire. Her two lives seem to be disconnected, and that gap grows with each event and performance. But when she meets two ponies, they bridge that gap and help Trixie realize who she really is.


    Blue like Sapphires by ambion [12 words]


    As the Ursa Minor problem is drawn to bitter conclusion, Trixie finds herself torn by choices - should she carry on down the harsh and lonely road of her life, now with nothing to her name, or rein in her pride and return to Ponyville to ask somepony for help? At that, will she even learn anything?









    As Without, So Within by DrakeyC [13k words]


    Twilight and her friends are ready for a fun, festive Halloween party at Canterlot High. With the seven prepared in-costume and the school in full decoration, it's bound to be a night to remember.

    Unfortunately it seems that someone with Equestrian magic is afoot, and intends to make sure that tonight's party-goers REALLY get into character! Can the Humane Seven get to the bottom of this magical mayhem and put things right?


    Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss by Scampy [1k words]


    Trixie visits her credit union to calmly and rationally dispute a charge on her account. Starlight is there too.


    Tune In To The Holidays by applejackofalltrades [2k words]


    Trixie shows Starlight her favourite holiday song. Starlight really doesn’t like it for some reason.









    What lies behind the mask by Shaslan [3k words]


    And then they kissed. And Trixie’s heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

    Trixie is on the verge of saying something to Starlight. Finally. But then she sees Sunburst and Starlight together, and her world begins to crumble.









    Great and Powerful, Darling! by Krickis [16k words]


    Creating an outfit for a magician is an intimate process. Which leaves Trixie, Great and Powerful though she is, with a problem. Can she trust Rarity to keep her secret? And, even if she can, can she open up enough to someone else to go through with it?

    That Rarity is the prettiest girl in school doesn’t help matters.


    Meet the Performers by Oroboro [9k words]


    It's been a month since Sunset and Trixie started dating, and Trixie is dragging Sunset off to CornFest 2018, to meet her parents and see where she grew up. But family isn't always what it's cracked up to be, and sometimes there's a reason to leave home behind.


    Date-O-Lite by Phaoray [18k words]


    Their first date. It was meant to be, if not an amazing experience, at least a special one for the two of them. It was...unique. In all the wrong ways.

    Now at home, all Maud wants to do is go to her room, sulk a little, and think through the what, where, and why of it all going wrong.

    However, behind her back, the three most deranged people in the Canterlot area have banded together to, in their own twisted ways, answer those questions for Maud through the quasi-legal use of resources and favors.

    It's family bonding time! Maud's consent is not a factor.









    Trepidation by Bicyclette [3k words]


    There's nothing left that can save Equestria. Not Discord, not Celestia, not Luna, not Cadance, not Princess Flurry Heart. But their presence can at least buy Starlight Glimmer time to escape. She just needs to convince Trixie to come with her.


    The Third Pony by Trick Question [7k words]


    Trixie is Starlight Glimmer's wife, and Maud is one of Starlight's closest friends. Whenever Trixie is around Maud, she acts very nervous and refers to herself in the third pony, almost as though she's performing on stage.

    Starlight wants to know why. Could it have something to do with Trixie and Maud both being transgender?









    Rainbow Rescue! by Rixizu [18k words]


    Trixie Lulamoon is your average citizen of Ponyville in the land of Ponyland. There she lives with all her friends but especially Minty, her best friend in the whole wide world. But today is a special day indeed for it is the First Rainbow Celebration celebrating the marvel that are rainbows. Everything is fun and marvelous until the evil fallen Princess Corona crashes the party and steals the fabled Rainbow Wand and robs every single rainbow from the land. Now its up to Trixie and her friends to stop her and save the day.

    A Lunaverse Story and a crossover between G3 of MLP.


    Gazing Into Darkness by Zeck [7k words]


    A strange creature has appeared in The Frozen North. Princess Twilight has been dispatched to deal with it, but Princess Luna has also sent along some help. Unfortunately, Twilight doesn't consider Princess Luna's choice to be the best possible one.

    But Twilight is going to need all the help she can get when she comes face to face with a creature of legends and myths. Something so powerful that even Starswirl feared it, and something so dangerous that even the Princesses are wary to challenge it.

    Can a newly minted Princess and a shamed show pony manage to defeat this creature? If not, then all of Equestria will be in danger.









    Trixe by shortskirtsandexplosions [3k words]


    Trixe. One morning, all is Trixe. Because Trixe.


    Όmorfosrhódonesorouchaphobia by shortskirtsandexplosions [1k words]


    "Trixie can't fall asleep! The panties might get her!!"