• 21 of the Best Trixie Fanfics for Trixie Day!

    We've got more TRIXIE for you all today, different from last year's compilation. If your favorite isn't here, it's probably an older compilation. Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them!

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    Slice of Life




    Caper by AugieDog


    Ocellus confesses her horrible crimes to Counselor Trixie. Counselor Trixie seems less than impressed.


    Between A Rock And A Hard Place by applejackofalltrades


    Starting over isn’t easy. Trixie knows that way too well. After wandering into barren plains full of rocks, she meets somepony who could do with some magic in her life, and finds herself needing some rock solid support.


    Gifted With Care by DrakeyC


    T'was the night before Hearth's Warming Eve, and all throughout Ponyville, Starlight Glimmer may be mildly stressed out. I mean, it's not like she forgot "oh yeah, I care about this holiday now" and didn't do her gift shopping until the last minute, giving her only a few hours to find six inspired, heartfelt, thought-out gifts for her closest friends.

    Fortunately, she has Trixie to help her!

    ...Yeah she's doomed.


    For Sale by TCC56


    For Sale: One (1) Wagon

    Good condition; single owner; well cared for.

    For inquires, contact:

    Trixie Lulamoon, The Great and Powerful

    Castle of Friendship



    Pony Go Boom by Estee


    Luna's still settling back into her full duties, and finding out she's somehow responsible for overseeing Equestria's annual freedom festival came as something of a shock. All she really knows about the holiday is that ponies like to celebrate it with explosions. Fireworks, cannonfire... somehow, her citizens have linked 'freedom' with 'stuff blowing up.' So if there's a citizen willing to blow herself up as part of the festivities -- well, what could possibly be more appropriate?

    ...it seemed like a good idea at the time.









    Sometimes Maps Are Dumb by HoofBitingActionOverload


    There's another friendship crisis in another far away place, this time the land of the llamas, and Twilight's magical map once again calls on a heroic pony to solve it. But this time the map doesn't call Twilight or any of her friends, this time it calls somepony else entirely.

    But Trixie's true reasons for accepting the map's call may not be wholly altruistic, and it turns out she's not nearly as over being upstaged by Twilight during their past encounters as she lets on.

    May the gods have mercy on those poor llamas.


    Twilight's Secret Shouting by Universal Librarian


    Twilight has a secret. Specifically, she's been studying something in secret for the past couple of months, and won't tell anypony what it is that she's doing.

    Unfortunately for her, Starlight is curious.


    Beauty Will Tear Us Apart by Meta Four


    Ditzy Doo, Royal Secret Service agent in training, tracks an architect whose building almost destroyed Ponyville. The trail leads right to one of Canterlot’s most prestigious art museums. Help from fellow agent Time Turner ensures this job won’t be too hard; help from an unexpected old acquaintance ensures this won’t be too easy, either.

    It means days of research, prep work, and amateur art criticism; five minutes of sheer terror; and hours of cleanup—in other words, an average job for the Royal Secret Service.


    The Great and Powerful Wizard Trixie Lulamoon! by Damaged


    Trixie Lulamoon is already Great and Powerful, but a mare can stand to be greater and powerful... er.

    She finds Starlight far too busy with running the School of Friendship to be much help, so she seeks out a pony to be her mentor as she becomes a true wizard.


    The Trixie Clause by TCC56


    Some realize that Trixie is not the first to bear the title of The Great And Powerful.

    Few realize that it is less a title and more a curse.

    The one who kills The Great And Powerful shall ever after be cursed to become The Great And Powerful.

    On a related note, Twilight Sparkle is having a very bad week.









    Bag of Tricks by Nailah


    Trixie debates whether or not she is worthy of Starlight through reflection of who she is.


    Mare in the Mirror by adcoon


    Trixie is haunted by nightmares and begins to question if she let Twilight down in Dappleshore. When her dreams filter through to the waking world, Trixie scrambles for answers. How far will it take her, and can she face the mare in the mirror?


    The Canopy by Flashgen


    Starlight and Trixie, as part of their duties as staff of the School of Friendship, traveled outside Equestria for a recruitment drive. However, their trip to Mount Aris was waylaid by a problem with the railway. Still wanting to make good time, Starlight decided they should hoof it through the wilderness south of Equestria.

    Just south of the MacIntosh Hills, the two find a vast forest before them. With every step inside, the canopy above grows thicker and thicker. They may never see the sun again.


    Trust by Bad Horse


    Trixie had made mistakes. Trixie had lied. Still, nopony had expected it to send Celestia into a rage. But nopony but Celestia understood the true importance to Equestria of trust.









    Under Her Spell by thedarkprep


    The Great and Powerful Trixie does not get flustered. She does not get shaken or upset. Not once has she allowed herself to become disconcerted or confounded. This is what makes her a great performer.

    And no two bit trio of singers walking into her school cafeteria is going to change that. In fact, she'll let them know just that, as soon as her heart stops racing.


    Âme Câline by The Cloptimist


    Starlight cuddles Trixie as the sun comes up. That's it. That's the whole story.

    ...Well, mostly.


    Cracks Along the Prism by Phaoray


    Several months have passed since Sunset's control over the school was broken. Much to Trixie's bafflement, she's still coming to school. To make it worse, she has apparently befriended Pinkie Pie; Maud's sister. Nothing has happened yet, but the situation has Trixie on edge. Just what is Sunset still doing in a school that hates her?

    For Maud, the last few months have been confusing. Maud has a hard enough time making friends, is she really ready for something more? The thought of anyone else with Trixie though...it's a thought Maud doesn't like to dwell on either.

    These questions and concerns, however, will reach a crisis point when three sirens come to school and begin magically working to make students act on simple, darker desires; victory at any cost. Recognition. Fame.

    It would have been fine, if only Trixie and Maud didn't have other concerns on their mind as the spells were weaved. If Trixie wasn't paranoid about Sunset and harboring a deep grudge. If Maud wasn't going between her desire to be with Trixie, and her fear of losing her.

    If only.


    My Best Friend's Kinda Hot... by Such A Chlorbag


    Trixie has been best friends with Starlight Glimmer for months now, and the bond between them has never been stronger. But, after a bull-headed mistake and lack of critical thinking, Trixie manages to leave Starlight Glimmer angry and disappointed. Again.

    Over the course of a single day, Trixie takes the steps to make things right between the two of them and, in doing so, instantly discovers some feelings inside of her that she never thought possible. Her best friend was kind, sweet, and yes, very hot. And now she was in love with her.









    Escape Artistry by Casketbase77


    A unicorn's immune system is bolstered by their magic. Any ailments they develop simply dampen spellcasting until things work themselves out internally. Stronger mages tend to not get sick at all, but Trixie Lulamoon is not a strong mage.

    Life is a performance for Trixie. Disasters must be kept backstage and away from audience eyes. But the curtains are closing on her solo act, and somepony needs to notice so they can hop onstage to help her. She's too proud to ask for volunteers.


    Left Behind by HapHazred


    Starlight, anxious at her friends moving on with their lives, becomes insecure and confused. She turns to Trixie, and then to magic, to help herself find closure on the matter.


    Stand Firm by TCC56


    Trixie and Sunburst led the students to safety through the caves below the School of Friendship while Starlight Glimmer stayed behind to hold off Chrysalis.

    Starlight Glimmer has fallen.

    Trixie isn't happy about that.