• Equestria Girls Movie Magic Follow Up


    If I had to say which of the three specials is my top favorite, it would be this one. I like the idea of mystery scenarios, fun call outs and cameos, and the idea of more lore being built from this special alone with a Daring Do live action movie in the works. More on that in a bit. If I had to put a moral onto this one, it would be to let things go if they don’t go your way and not make things worse for yourself and others. Either that, or never be at a movie set. I heard things can go drastically wrong even to people at the movie set. No comment. Let’s see how a Daring Do movie goes for our Humane 7 including our rainbow haired fan girl of the series.


    So I did a little digging (and by digging, I mean I scrolled through Google Images when putting in Daring Do), and this guy is pretty much a brand new villain in the Daring Do world named stalwart Stallion/Mojo (according to Rainbow Dash) and he wanted to take over a “made up city” called Marapore. Which might not be so made up since one of Daring Do’s books (canon in the show and real life) is called “Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore”. So already I have about 10 questions on Daring Do in this universe. Is Daring Do still A.K Yearling writing about her own adventures with an alias? We also see some other actress is playing her in this movie so maybe that means she’s off on another adventure when the movie is in the works? And I hate to compare apples and oranges (that’s a lie. I don’t hate it), but has Rainbow Dash met A.K. Yearling like from the pony universe just as Countess Colortura knew Applejack? I mean Coloratura was briefly mentioned, but she didn’t seem to be in her gaudy pop star fashion (it was yoga, but still). So who knows if everything in the pony universe actually happened to their human counterpart. If so, I would’ve loved if Quibble Pants was here, too. 

    Ok rant over. Moving on.


    Here you have two different types of fans. You have Rainbow Dash who wants everything to be to the tenth power accurate for the book series she loves. And in the other corner, you have Twilight, who is also a big book fan, but knows not to call out book facts during a recording. It really depends if you’ll be one or the other; one who wants all the facts and details to be perfect for other die hard fans and one who knows things can change when translating to a movie setting from a long standing book series and won’t over question. But I don’t deny understanding Rainbow’s perspective. If you can’t get even the smallest details right, how can you have faith the movie will do the book justice? Answer? I suggest watching Avatar the Last Airbender the cartoon before watching the live action movie. 

    (Sorry in advance)


    Can things be forgiven for this face alone? Hmm…I’ll let it slide.

    It’s nice to see someone minded Rainbow getting in the way of production for the movie. Sunset, regardless of being a pony from another dimension and an ex-villain, at least has some home training and etiquette. We also meet our director Canter Zoom, alumni of Camp Everfree, who wanted to thank the girls for saving Camp Everfree and was even at the fundraiser in the cave at the end of the movie. So again, we have some idea of time here where this was after Legend of Everfree instead of before when the girls were raising the money for the camp in Dance Magic. Still not sure if it was for the camp or just to go to the camp. If it's the former, it means these seven girls had to help the camp TWICE with the first being the money from Dance Magic and the other with planning a charity performance banquet at the end of the movie. Seriously, just have their names on the Camp Everfree sign. They practically own property on it at this point.

    So does anybody else get these kinds of looks when talking about a little kid’s cartoon about talking ponies or is it just me? Side note, it’s interesting to hear so much about the actress playing Daring Do for the movie Chestnut Magnifico. Love the idea that we have the standard celebrity charity trope of having her as a supporter for building homes for animals in need. The fact that Fluttershy is willing to talk to a celebrity, something most of us probably wouldn’t jump ahead to doing, is pretty bold of her. But not so bold is Rarity not missing a chance to grab a photo of her and an actress to post “on the gram”. Is that how you kids say it?


    I love the fact that these two vastly different personalities can bond over their favorite book series while everyone else does their own thing. Buffet diving with Spike and Pinkie Pie, meeting the star actress with Fluttershy and Rarity, checking out the sets with Sunset and Applejack, and these two checking out the props that were specifically designed by A.K. Yearling herself. 


    So you know how I said that celebrities doing some random form of charity work was a trope? It’s mostly because sometimes the actual actors can be like this. Meet Chestnut Magnifico, superstar and super angry yelling at her phone and ignoring a couple of girls who wanted to meet her. Also talking about getting something shut down? Interesting. Don’t you just see Daring Do as this woman?


    Next stop is Applejack and Sunset checking out the large jungle sets. I like how this feels like a common interest with these two. Sunset helped plan and run the play they did for the CYOE videos and Applejack has had a hand in a lot of construction and carpentry like her own video doing Rarity’s work room and doing the sets for the play. They also randomly find a candy bar wrapper on the set. Good thing it didn’t ruin the shoot.


    So along with finding the relics needed for the movie, we also meet Juniper Montage, niece of the director and designated gofer/assistant. I love the style and clothes they had for her. The cat lenses glasses and movie reel hair ties are a good touch for her character. 


    Darn it I’m really too forgiving with these cute faces. But it’s nice to see that someone at least met A.K. Yearling. Now if they could just tell us what she looked like and if they put her in a safari outfit would she look exactly like the character on the book covers? Seriously, if she really is working for some secret organization (maybe with Bon Bon aka Agent Sweetie Drops), then how is she getting away with being a writer about it? But I do appreciate all the info we’re given like how Juniper has a key to everywhere on the sets and that Caballeron is going to be in the movie since they went to go see his evil lair. Between Caballeron and Mojo, this movie might be about 2 hours if we’re gonna have so many villains in it.

    So while on the hunt for a cupcake fountain (it’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it), we see she and Spike got their hands on some peanut butter and praline crunch bars, which so happens to belong to a certain angry actress being begged to stay on for shooting. I guess based on her outfit, Chestnut would be a bit…nutty. 

    I’m sorry. Don’t leave me.

    So with not just a caved in volcano named Mount Vehoovius (really, guys?) almost crushing the actor on the set, we also see that the priceless relics have also vanished. DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!! I’ve always wanted to type that. The use of split screen is also great here since it’s used in a lot of mystery based media, mostly to get a good look at the shock and have the audience feel just as shocked as the people involved.


    Ok even here they say that A.K Yearling is hard to get in touch with when just being hold up in her office. But what if she’s not always in her office. They know she’s actually Daring Do! That’s too suspicious not to mean that’s not canon. And of course she probably wouldn’t be in the movie herself. If anybody knew how effortless it would be to turn her into Daring Do, the entire cast and crew would catch on. It’s no wonder she covers her hair and wears thick glasses when she’s A.K. Yearling.


    Well gang, it looks like we got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned Scooby Doo mystery on our hands. With so many setbacks to production (missing costumes, stolen props, and collapsed sets), there’s no way to deem it as a coincidence. And with the candy wrappers for snacks only Chestnut Magnifico eats along with talks about getting something shut down, all signs are pointing to her. 


    AJ: “It’s not like there’s some mysterious, thieving, cloaked figure we can chase after and say ‘hey tell us where you’re keepin’ the relics’”

    Ask and you shall receive Applejack. She might be related to Pinkie Pie after all if she can speak that type of thing into existence. Also, no matter who is behind that cloak, you would think they would be a bit more careful about so many eyes still being on set that can catch you being suspicious like this.


    Troupe of superspeed: if you are around other people when going super fast, you will cause hair messes of all types. At least for forced growth purposes, Rarity didn’t flip out about it and all three chased after the hooded perp. Good job Rarity! You get a nice, big hat. Might need it.


    I’m glad the geode powers aren’t as broken as they should be in this case. Super speed is useful, but not when someone can outmaneuver you when they know where they’re going to lose you. Still wouldn’t make sense seeing as Rainbow Dash would still be able to be on someone’s tail if they can’t move as fast as she can. Unless there’s the dark idea that if she goes too fast and tries to tackle who she’s chasing, she could grind them into the floor or blast right through their body. Don’t blame me for these ideas. It’s just a possibility. 


    Bad news, they couldn’t find Chestnut Magnifico. Good news, Pinkie found her cupcake fountain. Kinda wish we could’ve seen it because I don’t know exactly how something like that works. Are there large tubes just spitting out thousands of cupcakes?



    Ok ok. I have a job here. And it’s to talk about this continuity dump of having the Power Ponies for a movie. So I’m not sure if this means the comic Spike the Dragon found in the episode with the same title in Season 4 was from this universe or if that comic is also in the human world with the same name. Granted, I don’t know who would call it Power Ponies with them not being actual ponies (well as far as these guys know). I also love how Sunset got stuck with being the Mane-iac and Spike still gets to be Hum Drum. Really curious on whether this comic is DC or Marvel. Well since there’s actual lights and the sets are bright, it’s gotta be Marvel. And the Mane-iac seems like a fun campy villain that doesn’t need a dramatic backstory leading to a spin off movie.


    And with no time to change back, the chase is still on for the hooded figure through random sets including an actual DCU set, medieval set (my guess is re-filming Game of Thrones), and Fast and Furious 30: Yes, We're Still Doing This. Best thing about this special, all the movie references that can be made for a cheap laugh and does my job for me. 


    And our next set is for our children’s book lovers out there with Stormy with a Side of Pudding. Love the obvious reference and according to Pinkie, they use real pudding for the shots. Concerning how a dairy pudding product would smell under all those hot lights and covering wooden set buildings. But of course Pinkie enjoys the heated pudding that’s been out and covering buildings for who knows how long. All pudding, but no sign of out hooded crook yet.


    Oh look. There she is. After trapping out super team in a net. Very cliché villainous foe. No seriously. Didn’t have a hanging cage about somewhere to trap them in? Are you missing your lava pit or tank full of sharks to get rid of them? Not even an evil laugh to go along with your escape? Shame on you. 


    Movie narrator voice: “With Zapp finding the missing dress from Daring Do, our capped culprit has found the door, locking our solo speedster away!” Will she break free? Will someone come to save her?”

    And just like any other villain, trapping the lone survivor in a closet and locking them away. You’re not even gonna say “game over”, are you. They really don’t make cliché villains like they used to. Back in my day, you couldn’t stop a villain from evil laughing. I guess I can settle for evil smile, but still. I can at least enjoy the fact that Rainbow did think to call her friends, but realized that security had to take their phones during filming. Which would’ve saved a lot of leaked footage like some companies could strive to do. But at this point, I’m sure they leak information out like that just to see how the public takes it or reacts to it. Saved us a lot of nightmare fuel for the Sonic movie. I still have nightmares about those teeth *shivers*.


    Movie narrator voice: “Meanwhile back on set, out newly freed heroines devise a plan to find the culprit and their missing companion!”

    Again, we get some interesting backstory on the fact that Rainbow Dash was the only person who brought her magical geode onto the set. And looking back at screenshots and the special, it’s accurate. Only Twilight and Rainbow Dash are the only ones ever wearing their geodes. Meaning instead of superspeed, Twilight could’ve used her telekinesis to stop the culprit dead in her tracks. Or at least taken the hood off her to know who it is. And yeah Sunset’s plot armor powers would’ve had this mystery wrapped up in ten minutes. But I do like that they decided to keep wearing the geodes after this just in case their new magic is needed. And honestly the fact that Twilight and Rainbow Dash are the only ones who wore them after Legend of Everfree makes sense. It helped Twilight get over her fears of embracing the magic of friendship and not worry about Midnight Sparkle coming back. And Rainbow Dash is always looking for a chance to save the day and be heroes with her friends as seen in the entirety of Spring Breakdown. Best option now, follow the pudding. Good eye Pinkie Pie.


    At least the dress they needed for the shoot was found, but still no relics. But it looks like Twilight has a plan to have everyone checking the other sets for the relics. Hopefully she knows who might’ve hidden them away if they’re still somewhere on studio grounds.

    Well, well, well. Looks like someone was caught gloved and gold handed. And Twilight caught on to who it was pretty fast, too. From Juniper having to ditch the relics when Rainbow Dash came to look at them, to getting away from the girls with her knowledge of every place on the lot, to even having keys to every door including the one to lock Rainbow Dash away in the supply closet. 


    So along with Chestnut eating all the crunch bars, Juniper wanted to play Daring Do without any experience and being too young to do the role. Makes for an obvious motive in my opinion. Maybe not the candy thing though. I mean the set has a cupcake fountain. Who needs candy bars when something like that exists? And it seems she wanted to make sure Chestnut’s contract for the movie would be up so Juniper could step in for the lead role. Very dramatic, even if Chestnut is kind of a diva. But I think the thing I appreciate the most is that Juniper is not easily forgiven, even by her uncle. Well she’s forgiven by her uncle, but rightfully kicked off the set. Don’t worry. We end up forgiving her later. Ugh!


    And I guess Chestnut is in a better mood since she spoke to her agent about not doing a documentary about various nests around the world so she can put her all into doing the Daring Do movie. It’s amazing what a little good news can do for someone’s permanent scowl she had through the whole special. Or maybe she finally got one of those crunch bars she was dying for. You know, you're not yourself when you're hungry for peanut butter and praline crunch bars.


    Yes I had to get everybody’s cameo in this 20 second shot. Don’t judge me. It was awesome that each person got a small moment in the movie even if it’s just a few seconds. The outfits are great with my two favorites Sunset and Rarity buying and selling fabrics at a booth. The fact that Pinkie is juggling with Spike is also a lot of fun to watch. And I won’t deny Chestnut as Daring Do looks amazing. And I won’t be too big of a stickler about Chestnut’s eyes being more pink than purple like Daring Do and Rainbow Dash’s eyes. Look we made a big hoopla about it with Vinyl Scratch, I’ll do it here, too.


    So I had to watch this whole scene from the beginning and I have to say, these are some really great effects. When watching the special, I though the movie was already done and this was just the CGI added in afterwards, but no. These are full on effects happening on set. How this is happening, I don’t want to think too heavily about, but I love the use of practical effects. I’m a sucker for the practical instead of making everything CGI. And the actors are really putting their all into this shoot.


    I’m sorry. It was an accidental pause. But now that we have this face, do with it as you will. You’re welcome. And she ruined the take anyway so I feel less bad about it.

    And that was Movie Magic, a fun mystery caper with plenty of references to joke about and a fun call back to one of my personal favorite episodes. I know this was supposed to be a mystery “who dunnit” story and anyone who paid enough attention could see who the culprit was after introducing Juniper, but it doesn’t mean it still wasn’t fun to follow along as everyone else had to figure it out. Chestnut was a decent red herring when she was gone for long periods of time so there was no reason not to suspect her, but with Juniper literally showing all her cards after meeting Twilight and Rainbow Dash with the keys, her knowledge of the studio, even her frustration from not being chosen to play Daring Do, you could tell she was going to be a problem. I don’t know if I’d call her a good villain or if she thought these high school girls were just that dumb, but Juniper was at least interesting to watch if not for her slightly fake apology to her uncle and trying to still be around the set. And if everyone loved her so much, you’ll get to see her again in the next special. Won’t that be fun? I’m Penny Wrights and now I’m in the mood for a superhero marathon. I keep hearing good things about something called The Boys I may check out.