• Trixie Day Discussion: Character Development, Episode Ideas, and More!


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    Trixie, now that is a pony with an interesting history! When I first saw her back in season 1 I figured she would be a one-shot character at best and we would never see her again, cue my surprise when she returned and with an alicorn amulet sometime later. If season 1 me couldn't see her returning for a second episode, he certainly couldn't see her returning as a recurring character in later seasons, growing into her own as episodes went on and even taking a prominent role in one of the season's finales.

    With the show now over I look back and appreciate what they did with Trixie, but of course not everyone feels the same. What do you think of her inclusion in the show? Did you enjoy her own character arc in FiM? What would you have liked to see done differently?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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