• How My Little Pony Toy Packaging is Designed - Interesting Concept Shots from Hasbro Toy Artist

    An artist going by the name of Vanessa Mack has posted up a bunch of neat images and descriptiolns from her time working on packaging for some of the G5 toys. Particularly the advent calendar from a while back, some of the Pony Life figures, Equestria Girls, even banners at those corporate events you all see us post occasionally. It's neat to see some of her early sketches and mockups on how the overall packaging will be designed.

    Her gallery is pretty extensive. Head on down below to check some of it out, and get links for full galleries of each!

    Best Hair Day Cadance Pony Life Gallery

    Hasbro: Virtual Event Banner Gallery

    MLP G5: Advent Calendar Gallery

    Singing Star Pipp Gallery

    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up.