• Another Super Detailed Gallery of Amazing OpenPonies!

    Elvis impersonators anyone? 

    Five Months of this and I'm still not burnt out. I'd say that's a record for any game for me. Pony really is the pinnacle. Or at least running around in a variety of adorable color equines keeps me interested in things.

    Back in August I posted up a gallery of ponies I've run into and found interesting in some way, found them all pretty places to take pictures, and stole their images for my new nft market an EQD post. Today I return with another batch of amazing ponies and places we've discovered in our journeys into what really is the absolute depths of the internet. People have taken the OpenPony model and turned it into just about anything you can think of with some absolutely incredible costumes and accessories.

    Join me in being impressed with people's endless creativity below! We've got kirin, bee ponies, bat ponies, butch ponies, regular ponies, canon ponies, and a variety of neat locales to really augment their overall themes. If you want more, be sure to check out that last gallery! And if you have an interesting OpenPony model on SL and want to join the next gallery, feel free to message me in game and we can try to find a neat place to take your picture. And if you want to make an OpenPony, you can find a guide and general information on it over here.

    Allyster Black
    B a l a n c e
    Boggy and a very tsundere Sweet Velvet
    Giggle Sweet the beepone
    Harvest Hollowheart
    Guess Who doing guess what
    Exercise Mares
    Indig0 and Jiving Deer
    Flutterbutter Hollowheart enjoying the fall leaves poni style
    Luvenia Hollowheart and a magical castle
    Marshmallow Creme at the Baltimare Ice Cream Shop
    Autumn Blaze and Kuro Pirates
    Ralsei From Deltarune
    Silverflank and her worn gaming table
    Skivvy at the Sweet Shop
    Xipsyl's Snowpopen
    Kirkland brand Luna in a box