• Six Hours Remain for Make Your Mark: Chapter 2! - Our Plans on EQD and Stream Party!

    We are 7 hours away from Make Your Mark chapter 2! Unless of course we see a leak tonight or something. You know how it goes!

    For everyone here on Equestria Daily, we will be running daily posts for each episode at 10:00 AM PST for the next 8 days. Feel free to use those posts as a place to discuss each episode specifically. Since we are getting them all at once, it will be impossible to avoid spoilers so I'd recommend watching them all as quickly as possible but if you want a more traditional G4 style release schedule hopefully posts for each one will be helpful!

    I know a bunch of people on the EQD Discord server are planning Netflix parties starting as soon as the episodes are available if you are looking for a place to watch it at the same time with everyone.

    Anyway, prep for the G5! We are going to get an absolute dump of content tomorrow!