• Way Better More Detailed Amazing Popen - An OpenPony Gallery

    I know I said the last gallery was the final OpenPony showcase, but I can't help but love these models. The last few galleries were simple shots at different amazing OC's people had come up with, along with recreations of canon charcters that looked really good. Now that I've learned a bit more about picturee taking in Second Life, I've decided to give the next batch of ponies an extra bit of love by dragging them to different areas for complete shots with background and all.

    Fortunately, popen enjoy getting their pictures taken.

    Below, find a smaller, more high quality gallery than the last few I've done starring various amazing OC's, crossovers, and re-creations of canon characters. I don't know if there will be more of these galleries, but I enjoy sharing cool stuff I find here with everyone so I doubt I'll be able to resist making another once I collect more souls ponies.  If you want to see more just general shots of cool OC's people have made, be sure to hit the Open Pony label for all the galleries.


    gigachad x
    Bloodborne Pony - Xipsyl
    Boggy Bat
    Boggy Pegasus Musician
    Dark Lotus
    Glitterpone Bigmane
    Just a bunch of ponies
    Kit Aeries Cyberpunk
    Miss Syl
    Omniportal the Portal Pony
    Queen Chrysalis
    Ranni The Witch
    More Dark Lotus
    Xen and Luna (Magnaluna Style)
    Amaterasu (Xipsyl