• 20 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Tempest and Friends Day!

    Artist @Anticular

    Tempest Shadow has had a pretty good showing in fanfiction over the years, and adding other movie ponies makes it even better. Below the break, get her along with a bunch of other characters that appeared in the various specials and films for G4 below! This list is different from previous years, so be sure to check out the last Tempest Day fanfiction compilation here, and Songbird fics can be found at Music Pony Day.

    Now go read about your favorite edgy horse and her other limited edition friends below! And thanks to Whisper Key for scouting it all out.


    Slice of Life




    Open up Your Eyes by Pascoite [3k words]


    Tempest Shadow had switched loyalties rather quickly, but blending into the other aspects of life is taking longer. In particular, Hearth’s Warming proves a bit of a challenge to understand—well, no, more to remember. She’d blocked out a lot of her foalhood. And Twilight Sparkle suggests Sweetie Belle as the one to help her get it back.


    Fighting Fit by Shrinky Frod [4k words]


    Tempest Shadow has her orders - she has been assigned as the personal bodyguard of Princess Twilight at the Princess’ first Grand Galloping Gala. Of course, given the requirements of the position, Tempest is reasonably certain that the only reason she was given the job is because the Princess is engaged in one of her covert friendship lessons.

    Still, she has to get a proper gown, and a plus-one. Fortunately, Rarity has a referral for where she can get both… if Tempest realizes what her options are.


    Captain and Commander by Taialin [14k words]


    Tempest Shadow owes her free life to Princess Twilight Sparkle, and that fact has never left Tempest's mind. It's for this reason Twilight is one of the few ponies she respects. But when Tempest finds herself facing another she's obligated to respect, she'll find herself leaving the encounter with more than just damaged pride.


    Broken Horns and Little Wings by Jinzou [2k words]


    Scootaloo was born with a rare pegasus developmental disorder that left her wings small and weak. She's been working to get over it with the love and support of her friends and family.

    Tempest Shadow lost half of her horn when trying to face down an Ursa Minor. She was ostracized and eventually ran from home.

    Can these two find some common ground to bond over?


    You Betcha! by The Cloptimist [2k words]


    Torque Wrench does a favor for Kerfuffle in her hour of need. Not that it means they're friends or anything. Just a little engineering project, don'tcha know.


    I Remember Red by The 24th Pegasus [4k words]


    It has been years since the Mayor's rainbow generator overloaded and drained Hope Hollow of its color. Kerfuffle did her best to stay happy and inspired despite the new gray world she found herself in, but even she has her limits. It's hard to make art in a world of gray, and now Kerfuffle's inspiration has finally left her. Struggling to get by and remain upbeat in a hopeless and friendless town, the pegasus soon finds herself feeling as gray and empty as the world she lives in. But perhaps a close encounter with death will show her that maybe there are still ponies in Hope Hollow who care, and maybe she's not as hopeless and empty on the inside as she feels...


    Titanium by PinoyPony [1k words]


    All her life, Torque understood metals. Different Strengths. Different weaknesses. Different monetary values. Much like herself. Calm and subdued. Tempered even.

    Now she finds herself working with an alien metal… and the part has to be perfect. But for what reason?









    In Which Moondancer Kerfuffles Kerfuffle's Kerfuffly Bit by NaiadSagaIotaOar [2k words]


    Kerfuffle should probably have stopped drinking several glasses of cider before she did. Moondancer should probably have stopped thinking long before she did.


    Kerfuffle's Lower Left Limb Kerfuffles by BronyWriter [9k words]


    With the Rainbow Festival a resounding success, the Mane Six relish in a job well done. They have helped bring joy and smiles back to Hope Hollow, and they look forward to hearing about many more successful Rainbow Festivals to come.

    However, one of the townsponies interests them. The designer pony Kerfuffle is missing the lower half of her left hind leg.

    Why is that, they wonder?


    For Your Efforts by LightOfTriumph [4k words]


    The Friendship Festival turned into a celebration of the defeat of the Storm King, and things are getting interesting. Capper and Celaeno are trying to drink each other under the table. Queen Novo and Princess Celestia are reopening trade negotiations, with Skystar and Twilight doing their best to help and one of the Storm King's Mooks can only wonder what do with his life.

    It's going to be a long night.









    Some Days Are Hard by NightScript [3k words]


    Celaeno does her job the best she can, living day to day hoping that she can spare her crew the wrath of the Storm King. Most days, she's able to get through her work and go to bed at night feeling only mostly empty, rather than completely. Some days though... Some days are hard.









    My Kind of Crazy by Amber Spark [29k words]


    Skystar never got a chance to make friends. Pinkie’s determined to show her how.

    Clearly, this will involve swing dancing.









    Shelter of the Storm by Lets Do This [3k words]


    On a dark night, in a gathering storm, Tempest waits to walk Twilight back to her room... and is almost certain that something is out there, watching her...


    Making A-Mends by TheLegendaryBillCipher [4k words]


    Torque Wrench receives a letter from Applejack one day, and reminisces over the last time she had been creative. And how poorly it had gone.


    Arrival by Bicyclette [3k words]


    It was an ordinary bit. Like all the others, bearing the face of the new Sovereign. No longer the naïve young alicorn Capper once knew. Older. Wiser. Aware now, of just what kind of a place Klugetown was. Aware of what Capper almost did.

    A fitting thing for Capper to contemplate while ruminating over his past. While wondering what is to come. He would find out soon enough.


    Departure by daOtterGuy [11k words]


    Klugetown has become a regular town. Law-abiding. Clean. Perfect for new residents from Equestria.

    Capper hates it.


    Shedding Her Shell by Flashgen [11k words]


    Queen Novo has passed, and Skystar's coronation is getting closer by the day. It's a big responsibility to take the throne, and Skystar is worried that she can never be what her people need, can never replace her mother, while she's herself. With Shelly and Sheldon at her side, she decides to undertake the arduous task of trying to grow up. How hard can it be?









    On the Peak of Aris by milesprower06 [14k words]


    With her first E.U.P. squad formed and beyond expectations, Captain Fizzlepop Berrytwist now turns her attention to the wrongs she committed beyond Equestria. But as she offers to assist in Hippogriffia's reconstruction efforts, she finds that not everyone is convinced of her redemption.


    Knight of Equestria II: Discordant Harmony by scifipony [7k words]


    Long before I became Songbird Serenade, while I was still in high school, I encountered Discord turning Ponyville into the Chaos Capital of the world. I wasn't buying that his changes made ponies more fun, and I told him as much, which meant I had a part to play in the drama.


    Hoist Thy Colors by MaxKodan [6k words]


    Some dreamers are just better at it than others.