• 20 More Awesome Vinyl and Octavia Fanfics to Read!

    Artist: @nyota7171

    Tavi and Vinyl are here, and they are reading books. Will you join them? Unfortunately the real world doesn't have many pony books, but we have fanfiction. Get a bunch of those below and thanks to Whisper Key for the scouting.


    Slice of Life




    For The Record by Casketbase77


    Long Play has a concert to catch, but his blubbering baby sister just got home from school. Something got under her fur today. Something serious.


    Vinyl Scratch Wins Her Day by SilverEyedWolf


    This is a simple story, telling of the life in a typical day of Vinyl Scratch, teenage wonder DJ. After a long day of doing nothing out of the ordinary, Vinyl makes sure life knows that she won today.









    The Drunken Ramblings of Vinyl Record Scratch by The Autumn Princess


    After a night out on the town, Vinyl ends up filling Octavia's inbox with voicemails.

    ...This should be entertaining.


    Vinyl and Octavia are Forcibly Shipped by DoctorSpectrum


    Vinyl and Octavia have survived a lot together. They’ve survived being lost in the jungle, they’ve survived a night out drinking, and perhaps most surprising, they’ve survived living together for almost an entire year now. But how will they survive this, their most harrowing trial so far? How will they survive… being shipped?!


    Holiday Gig by Tumbleweed


    Octavia figured a seasonal job at the mall would be easy. All she has to do is play cello, look fancy... and save the world from a magical monster.

    Shame that last part wasn't in the job description.


    Barn Notice by totallynotabrony


    My name is Octavia Melody.  I used to be a spy until being put out to pasture.  When that happens, one has nothing.  No cash, no credit, no job history.  You’re stuck in whatever rural hometown you have left.  You do whatever work comes your way and rely on anypony who still talks to you: a faithful but raunchy old friend, a freewheeling daredevil unlucky in love, and your mother too if you’re that desperate.  The bottom line is, as long as you are down and out, you aren’t going anywhere.


    A Peach is Worth a Thousand Problems by Rego


    To have, to hold, to cherish, and to love; in sickness and in health: these are precious words best reserved for the altar. Not so much for browsing in the produce aisle.

    Octavia Melody has heard such sentiments shared on more than one occasion when shopping with her fruit-loving husband, Steeplechase. Be it the nocturne's heightened senses or just his general persnicketyness, grocery runs that used to take two hours at most have evolved into a living nightmare of picky produce perusals by the self-proclaimed foodie.

    When a rare opportunity for the musical mare to go to the supermarket behind his back presents itself, Octavia plans to take full advantage by sneaking out for some hassle-free shopping. With the morning sun just below the horizon, "Operation: Early Bird Special" is a go.


    Bad Language by Marcibel


    After a concert in Manehattan, Octavia overhears somepony calling her a fillyfooler and gives a heartfelt, somewhat drunk, curse-filled speech regarding it.

    Tons of swearing, by the way.


    House Arrest by King X2


    Octavia forces Vinyl Scratch to stay home on a Friday night because of her destructive habits. Left alone to suffer, Vinyl slowly descends into madness as the night progresses.

    A story of recklessness, ridiculousness, and redemption.


    Octy's Eggs by Cinder Vel


    Octavia was always a well organized and responsible pony until one day she started finding eggs every time she woke up. Read as Octavia deals with madness of this situation.

    She is sure of one thing only. It is all Vinyl's fault somehow.









    The Mare On The Mount by Casketbase77


    Sightings of a mountaintop phantom line up with a few too many worrisome legends for Sunny Starscout's comfort. Short on time and even shorter on adventuring companions, she heads out to confront it.

    By herself, but not alone.


    Dark Magic by Crystal Moose


    Octavia's day had started out as routine as any other. Wake, play at some garden party, eat and then come home. How then, did she end up here in the Everfree, fleeing from a monster intent on killing her?









    Won't Wait On Love by unipie


    Octavia has declared her friendship with Vinyl over.

    Now, Vinyl must decide what is right and face her true feelings towards the cellist.

    Can she and Octavia ever be friends again, or will they become something more?

    Discover Vinyl's side to the "I Am Octavia" story.


    Hearts Beat by mushroompone


    Twilight Sparkle is not a risk-taker. She prefers the same old books in the same old library drinking the same old tea with the same old ponies. And that's okay!

    On one fateful night, however, Rainbow Dash drags Twilight out on an adventure! Her very first rave.

    It turns out Twilight isn't the only one hiding in a corner at these things.


    Shopping Trip by Zeck


    Octavia has a private performance for Princesses Celestia and Luna coming up. Unfortunately, her cello has seen better days, so she heads to the mall to buy a new one. Vinyl comes with her and insists that they go on a date, so they do, and Octavia decides to make this date very memorable for her D.J.


    DJ-P4NTL3SS by ThisIsMyFateNow


    Ever have the perfect girlfriend? A girlfriend so beautiful, so classy, so entrancing that you'll walk to school pantless at the sound of her voice? Octavia's that kind of a girl... and after I tell her my morning's story—if she's not blushing half as much as I am right now—then she owes me a damn beer.


    Octavia Hates Her Toothpaste by Cloud Hop


    Sometimes, the moments that define our lives, that change the course of our destiny, aren't grand adventures or powerful forces. Sometimes, they're just everyday events, lined up like dominoes, waiting for a tiny breath of air to send them tumbling down.

    For Octavia, it's an emotional breakdown with her toothpaste.









    More than Meets the Ear by MrAskAPirate


    Why the heck does Vinyl Scratch have a car that can transform into a giant sound system thingy?









    Unexpected Turbulence, Remain Calm and Don't Murder Anypony by HapHazred


    Octavia and Vinyl are both, to their surprise, flying to Trottingham on the same flight. At first, this seems like a happy coincidence, but things turn sour when the engineer on board, Cogs, is killed.

    With everypony on board panicking and accusing Vinyl, Octavia helps her prove her innocence and save the rest of the passengers by unveiling the real killer.

    Navigating suspects such as an unhinged weather pony, two inventor brothers, and an art dealer from Prance, both ponies have their work cut out for them.

    Rated teen for m-m-murder.


    Masquerade by McPoodle


    After Vinyl Scratch helps Twilight to escape from the deadly dreams the Elements of Harmony have all been trapped in, they decide to head back to save the others, and to start with the dream world of Pinkie Pie, since she surely would be the best guide to get them through the dreams of anypony.

    In retrospect, two ponies treading alone into the mind of the pony with Pinkamena in her head might have been a less than wise decision...