• "Rarity, Get Your Sword" Finally Concludes After Almost a Decade


    My Little Pony Comic Author Calpain

    One of the longest-running comics in the pony fandom has finally come to an end as Rarity, Get Your Sword has released its final chapter! Capitalizing on the Rarity fighting a crab meme from way back in the early days of the fandom, the project started with Pony-Berserker and over the years had several artists working on it in collaboration with the DoubleWBrothers, SaturdayMorningProject, Middy, dsana and labba94.

    While I am glad to see another pony project come to completion it is always a little sad when they do, especially for a project so old in the pony fandom.

    Click the pic above to see the whole thing!

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