• Balloon Party 5 - Everfree Park Rangers - Woodland Guide Album Released

    An armada of musicians have teamed up once again for the 5th official Balloon Party album. Last time we posted one of these was a whopping 7 years ago!

    This one stars musicians new and old and a host of different genres, but one overall theme of the mysterious Everfree. Have the description:

    For the 10th anniversary of the release of Balloon Party: 100% No Feeble Cheering, musicians old and new gathered to assemble a compilation of brand new songs in celebration of Fluttershy, the bashful pegasus pony! What you're looking at is the official 5th album in the Balloon Party series.

    The concept album takes us on a tour through the Everfree forest, where Fluttershy, an expert of the mysterious location, shows us its most unusual and interesting secrets. Misguided spirits, underground biomes, exercising fireflies, and other surprising spectacles await the listener in the form of 20 passionately crafted compositions.

    The music and the album itself is free; it is free to download, free to distribute, and free to remix and use in your own projects. Please enjoy and share this tribute.

    You can find it over here on bandcamp for free, along with a Youtube embed of the entire thing below.