• Balloon Party 4 Open Morality - The Clean Sweep

    The fourth installment of Balloon Party is finally under-way for all you musicians out there. Open Morality: The Clean Sweep is applejack themed, parodying The Mindsweep's "Ambush Reality" The exact description:

    This is to be our Applejack themed album, parodying Enter Shikari's album The Mindsweep on their self-managed label Ambush Reality.
    This time around we're looking to get some strong, powerful music that stands up tall and proud. Not necessarily "hard"; that's already been done, but I'm sure you get the idea! That's far less ambiguous of a theme than Mindscapes', but still leaves a little room for interpretation for you to play with. As usual, there are no genre restrictions!

    Full rules and entry information can be found over here