• Lauren Faust Adds a Charity Comission to TOGM Show at BABScon

    Nothing goes better together than Lauren Faust and charity. That is a running theme that has been happening since the beginning of the fandom!

    At BABSCon, the Old Grey Mare show will be running a panel, complete with a charity auction for a commission from Lauren Faust herself! Head on down below the break for the details!

    BABSCon 2015 (April 3-5, Burlingame, CA) will play host to a live broadcast of Episode 12 of 'The Old Grey Mare', the charity panel show that brings together A-list guests and high-end charity auctions. This time, the panel will feature Sethisto of Equestria Daily, Capper General of Horse News, and Redd of Pickle Barrel Kumquat. And the guest host will be none other than the one and only Dustykatt!

    How on EARTH can we match that level of awesome?
    That's right. During this broadcast, held from the Lunar Hall on Friday, April 3, 2015, 2:45-4:15 PM (Pacific time), the lucky winner will receive a once-in-a-lifetime treasure: their OC (or the character of their choice) sketched by Lauren Faust! All proceeds will all go towards Ms. Faust's charity of choice, the Wildlife Learning Center.

    Can't make it to BABSCon? (Awwwww. Maybe in 2016?) You can still tune into the fun, as this show (like all TOGM episodes) will be livestreamed via Ponyville Live at http://www.livestream.com/ponyvillelive.

    But wait... THAT'S NOT ALL.

    TOGM will ALSO be auctioning off, on the same show (live from BABSCon) an absolutely one-of-a-kind, outsized, SOLID METAL print (not "metalized" or "metallic paper"-- actual, literal aluminum) of Leekfish's adorable limited-edition (and since retired) charity print, "Peace", signed by the artist and, oh... SIGNED BY ANDREA LIBMAN.

    That's right: Not ONE, but TWO incredible charity prizes, one an art commission from the creator of MLP:FiM herself, the other a one-of-a-kind masterpiece signed not only by one of the foremost artists in the pony world, but by the voice of Fluttershy.

    ONLY AT BABSCON! Bringing the epic since 2014.

    So, be there, or tune in-- and may the highest bidders win!

    --The BABS folks and the Mare