• Discussion: What Do You Think of OCxCanon Shipping?

    Original Characters were originally a pretty big debate in the very early days of the fandom. People weren't too keen on becoming the next Sonic the Hedgehog fandom, where googling "your name" following by "the hedgehog" would lead to something potentially weird most of the time. Eventually the fandom cracked, and OC's became just a regular thing, so much so that "your name" followed by "the pony" makes the sonic fandom look tiny in comparison.

    We've fully embraced the idea of original horses, but what about original horses hooking up with canon characters? I've had a few people demand we cut back on this over the years with some of the most hilarious emails I've ever gotten. What do you think of it though? Is this a type of art you avoid? Or is Rainbow Dash being commissioned with someone's personal OC in a loving romance something you can get behind?

    Discuss below!