• Funko's New Ridiculous NFT Gambling for My Little Pony Pop Figures


    Because everything has to be ruined in 202X+, Funko has decided to go the NFT route on the new My Little Pony POP set. Instead of just letting you buy the figures directly like any sane collectible, you need to go the convoluted route of hoping you get a physical pony figure by buying a bunch of NFT packs and praying to the gambling gods that you get the pieces needed for a physical one.

    Every time you spin the slots it's $10.  You receive 5  NFT's that you trade to complete sets to earn tokens that let you redeem the ponies. You have 120 days to do this, in which case funko sends over another token that lets you claim the actual figures. Needless to say, these ponies are probably going to be incredibly expensive to acquire competing in the overall market for pieces. There is a pinpoint of light at the end of this awful tunnel though! You also have a 1.72% chance for a legendary NFT that includes redemption on it's own, or a .28% chance at a "grail" tier Rarity. Casinos around the world are laughing at these odds.

    Once you either complete a collection or get lucky with one of those laughably rare ones up there, you have 30 days to redeem and "burn" a new token they deposit directly into your wallet, at which point you get the privileged of forking over even more money for shipping, with a $5 discount if you do more than one at a time.

    Head on down below to see what you are gambling for! I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with this nonsense for those amazing oldschool figures we used to collect. At least in this case I have 0 interest in these weird beady eye ponies anyway.