• Featured Musid - Pay Your Penance

    Sprout gets an original vocal track today, following an alternative rock style and a very interesting description: 


    This song is yet another track based on the story of MLP: A New Generation - focusing on the atrocities Sprout had committed, and his wrongdoings; both in the light of abusing his power and his severe intolerance of others not like him, or foreign to him, adding to the scope of fearmongering rooting from discrimination, lead by himself and his mother's empire of hatred for other races in Maretime Bay.

    The lyrics follow some elements of perspective, giving some accounts from the likes of Hitch and Sunny Starscout, up to the final 1st-person account to draw an image of his emotions and hatred during his eleventh-hour stint as what could be seen as a jealous, power-hungry totalitarian leader. The final lyrics resolving with his regret and realisation to the senseless destruction he caused.

    Head on down below if that sounds intriguing to you! It's a lonmg one at 7 minutes, and part of an album releasing later in the year.