• Big Name Guests, Community Talent, and General Information for Czequestria 2022!

    If you are interested in a trip over to Prague this year, Czequestria is running their big event in August of this year! This time around they have a huge new announcement with My Little Pony: A New Generaton director Robert Cullen making an appearance, along with community quest Prince Whateverer. Tickets are on sale if you want to meet either of them. Get all the details down below!

    Press Release:

    Hi everypony, it’s been 3 years since last Czequestria, but this year we are back with a full swing of things. If you don’t follow our website or social media channels (Discord and/or Twitter) here are the highlights of the past months:

    Robert Cullen – director of “MLP: A New Generation

    As My Little Pony Universe recently expanded into a new environment, characters, and plot, so did the circle of those who give the world of Equestria the look as we know it. We are therefore honored to welcome to Czequestria one of the MLP 5th generation team members, who is none other than Robert Cullen, the director of “MLP: A New Generation” and the founder of the Boulder Media animation studio! More information here.

    Prince Whateverer – heavy metal & pop-punk from the Moon

    Guitarist, vocalist, and producer from the southeast coast of the United Kingdom. Since late 2011, when he released the “Beyond Her Garden” cover (originally by WoodenToaster), his heavy metal and pop-punk music with a light electronic and acoustic flavor became popular among many bronies all over the world! His debut album “Rediscover” was released in November 2013. More here.


    Whether you are a fan of the Solar Empire or the New Lunar Republic, we have prepared three ways for you to enter the stellar events of this year’s Czequestria: the basic Spark ticket, the Eclipse sponsorship ticket, and the limited Constellation super-sponsorship ticket. With each ticket you can participate in any part of the program and the sponsor tickets will also bring you additional rewards, as well as our undying gratitude for supporting the event! Check the tickets perks and prices here.

    More? Join the Czequestria big picture!

    • Whether you want to present your work and art on panels, concerts, party, or vendor hall, help us during the event itself, or give us hints for interesting guests or activities, all options are still open:Join the volunteers team – help us with Czequestria and get free entry for the whole event as well as the unique volunteers t-shirt!
    • Host a panel or workshop – have something to present to an international brony audience or want to organize a group activity for MLP fans? Go for it!
    • Perform on concert or party – play and/or sing your pony music at the concert or party!
    • Sell or exhibit your MLP merch and creations – show off all the pony stuff you’ve created! Fans are always after merchandise they cannot get elsewhere.
    • Recommend a guest or program – give us tips for guest invitations, panels, workshops, or other activities you would like to see at Czequestria!