• PoniGame Sandbox MMORPG Looking for Help!

    An in-progress cartoon pony MMORPG called PoniGame is currently recruiting the tech savvy or artistic among the fandom to help make the game a reality! They have quite a few interesting bits of material already built, and need the usual game-creation army to keep the momentum going.

    Head on down below for a breakdown on what they are looking for.

    See the Tweet thread over here for a DM target to apply. They are currently looking for:

    If programming is within your skillset, we are looking for help in the following areas.

    - Client Programming (Unity/C#)
    - NPCs (Pathing/Behavior Trees)
    - Netcode (MMO-scale)
    - Toolchain/Workflow Programming (Unity)
    - Web Developers

    Unity/Git/C# experience preferred.

    If you're an artist, we are looking for the following areas of help:

    - Concept Artists (Map/Interior designs)
    - UI Designers

    - Character Modeling/Rigging (manes/tails/accessories)
    - Environment Modeling/Mapping (Terrains/Towns/Clutter)
    - Interior Modeling
    - Texturing

    Otherwise, here are more areas that we need help with:

    - Project Management & Coordination
    - Feedback and Gameplay QA