• More G5 Concept Art - Earth Ponies Were Originally Styled After Vikings/Celtic Imagery


    In a cool bit of trivia from Celia Kaspar, the earth pony village and the earth ponies themselves were to be styled based on Viking and Celtic themes. I like what we ended up with but I've got to admit these early sketches do look pretty cool!

    Check after the break for some closeups!

    Here's a trip waaay back in time... When we explored the pony world we tried the very different idea of a medieval time, with the earth pony village being referenced by celtic and viking imagery ✨
    Sooo these are some earth ponies with fancy tattoos and braided hairstyles.
    What do you think about viking earth ponies? 😊

    Thanks to Pipp_Petal for the heads up! 

    Twitter: Calpain