• 21 More Awesome Fanfics to Read for Derpy Day!

    Derpy means fanfics, and we have 21 more to go along with last year's pile! Thanks for Whisper Key for digging them up!

    Go read about Derpy Hooves below.



    Slice of Life




    The Wind Rings True by Pascoite


    Apple Bloom and I shared an unusual attitude about our mothers, and it helped to talk about it. But eventually she didn’t need her old friend Derpy anymore.

    I didn’t think it would hurt this much.


    The Sleep of Reason by Baal Bunny


    A figment of a young woman's imagination gets some tips from Derpy.


    Forever Fell Short by The Red Parade


    Lightning Dust told herself that she was happy as a mailmare. That she was safe, and nothing would hurt her. Then, she met a mare named Derpy and a team called the Rebounds.


    Maybe by Summer Dancer


    When Flash feels down on himself, Ditzy Doo offers some insight.


    The Legend of Thunder by SparkBrony


    During a thunderstorm, Derpy comforts Dinky by telling her the story behind the legendary pony causing it.


    Not Enough Warmth by Doctor Disco


    After waking up to find a freezing Derpy still delivering mail to doorsteps, Octavia forces the mailmare to warm up and wait out the brewing blizzard outside.


    The Gift of Second Sight by Fly by Night


    A short, lighthearted story about Derpy Hooves being given a precious gift by her daughter. Can she overcome her limitations to save her little muffin high above Ponyville, before it's too late?









    Pink Eye by Daemon of Decay


    Derpy tries to find the courage to finally ask out the one mare she's always admired for Hearth’s Warming Eve.

    It goes as well as expected.


    A Rather Average Day by DismantledAccount


    Derpy gets into some crack and has a gay old time.


    Interventions by Trick Question


    Derpy is the subject of a highly random intervention or two.


    The 4th Dimensional Tour Guide  by GravityDefyingCoffeeMug


    One day, over a plate of burgers, the Doctor and Derpy became very interesting to a lecture group of 4th dimensional beings.









    Fourth Best by Shaslan


    Daring Hooves is the best filly racer around. She can outfly ANYPONY! At least, she could once...but something is wrong with her eyes, and things keep getting worse. An origin story for our favourite little grey pegasus, fleshing out those four very sad photos where she gets lower and lower on the podium.


    Exam Jitters by GrassAndClouds2


    Ditzy Doo has many responsibilities -- delivering mail, supporting her community, and even fighting evil as the Bearer of the Element of Kindness and a Knight of the Realm to boot. None of these, however, are as important to her as her primary job of raising her daughter Dinky. Through good times and bad, Ditzy has always been there for her daughter, and she works tirelessly to make sure that Dinky grows up in a happy, healthy, and loving environment. Unfortunately, nopony is perfect, and after a freak accident almost results in disaster, Ditzy becomes even more protective of her daughter. When Dinky subsequently becomes eligible for a fantastic opportunity, the foal is excited, but Ditzy is so worried that her daughter will get hurt that she finds herself wishing Dinky would pass it up. Ditzy must choose, then, between keeping her daughter as safe as possible... and allowing her to grow.

    Lunaverse story.


    Wonderful by Bootsy Slickmane


    Ditzy Doo will make some new friends and have a wonderful day.









    Love Can Be Enough by Damaged


    Rainbow Dash comes home for the start of her mid-semester break from college to find herself sitting in her living room talking to her girlfriend. Things get weirder from there.


    Frozen Hope by Shaslan


    Equestria is a cold and lifeless place, but in Canterlot, a little spark of hope remains. Protected by the Princesses' own shield, Derpy Hooves and her new companions try to find some semblance of warmth in an unforgiving world.


    Derpy Meets The Doctor by Heavyhauler75622


    Ponyville's favorite mailmare starts the day in her usual way. Wake up. Toothbrush. Then breakfast, toothbrush again, a pass through her mane with a comb to try to get it to behave. Then, goodbye to Dinky, and off to work...

    First, Discord. Then The Doctor. Princess Luna. Princess Twilight Sparkle. Princess Celestia. A fight for everyone's very lives...and a grey Pegasus mare with bubbles for a Cutie Mark right in the middle...

    Don't you just love it when the universe decides you're really not a background pony?


    Muffin Love by Silent Whisper


    Thorax has a crush on a certain mare. What if she doesn't love him back? And how can he get her to notice him?


    Voice by RubyDubious


    Sunset gives her nonverbal girlfriend, Ditzy, a new voice for her birthday.









    Results May Vary by CoffeeMinion


    Nopony's life goes according to plan.

    When an overzealous social worker "encourages" Derpy and Berry Punch to start a support group for single-moms, the two discover they have little in common, save that their lives aren't turning out quite as they wanted.









    Redeliverable by Emotional Flight


    A collection of letters from Ponyville's Old Mailmare.