• Pony Concept Music: Acryliks - And on that day, she lost her only family... [Soundtrack]

    A pony musician I didn't know of before, Acryliks went above and beyond with this MLP tribute, writing a fanfic-level story to go with this deep composition! Check the description on YouTube for the story, that involves the sisters as well as Celestia's confidant, Crescent Moon (I love that name ♥). Reading the story while listening to the track, it feels like the story of the sisters that led to their fateful clash is now deeper than ever, with a focus on Tia's chara depth, and with how we can sympathize with the pain that Luna feels so strongly. Sometimes you realize things too late, and that's why this story is so tragic, yet it's definitely better than never realizing things at all! I feel for both Luna and Tia after experiencing this, and I'm sure this was intended by the musician. And now I'm excited to maybe get more exploration of Crescent Moon's character in the future from Acryliks!