• Fanfiction: Shouldering a Holiday Burden

     [Slice of Life]

    Author: Mike Cartoon Pony

    Description: Silverstream can't wait to get home to Mt. Aris for the holidays. Sure, she had no problem staying behind last Hearth's Warming, but it did mean she missed the first ever Three Days of Freedom Celebration. With everything she has planned this year, it's sure to be a hoot! 
    But when she discovers something about one of her friends mere days before departing, she finds something she'd hoped she never would – a friendship problem that can't be solved. 
    Forget that, though! Hippogriffs never let technicalities stop them from escaping underwater to hide from the Storm King. Why should this be any different?

    Shouldering a Holiday Burden

    Additional Tags: Hearth's Warming, gift, generosity, stubborn selflessness