• Notes From Spanish Language Interview With My Little Pony: A New Generation's Jose Luis Ucha

    Director Jose Luis Ucha was recently interviewed by a bunch of Latin American brony groups for over an hour, and a few people have sent in notes and translations from some of the highlights for us! If you speak spanish, you can watch the entire thing below. If not, we've got a few key points taken from it, including an answer about why ponies don't use their mouths for things!

    Head on down below for it!

    Notes courtesy of Century and Allen:

    Sunny isn't an alicorn in the Friendship is Magic sense in the movie. It's more of a magical effect.

    They worked with Meghan McCarthy and Stephen Davis due to their knowledge from Friendship is Magic, and he was very impressed with how much Meghan knew about pretty much everything pony.

    The ponies didn't look good with cutie marks on both sides in 3D, so they decided to make them single sided. In the end, this wasn't actually a Hasbro demand.

    There are 2 mountains during the end of Sunny and Izzy's duet song. One was going to be Canterlot-esque, but they decided against it to avoid creating an exact time-skip between generations.

    They wanted G4 locations to be far in the past so they could completely reboot the world and start new. This includes the mane 6, who they didn't come up with a fate for.

    Hoof feathers were indeed removed due to collission issues.

    The story took about 2 years to work on

    They went with regular animals instead of the magical beasts we saw in Friendship is Magic to further solidify that magic was gone from the world.

    Sunny's Father is 100% confirmed to be dead.

    They didn't run off of a concrete reason for the 3 pony races originally splitting, but it could be explored in the series, which Jose is not a part of.

    Hasbro introduced the original personality concepts of the characters they had in mind, and the team ran with them.

    Ponies don't use their mouths in G5 because they thought it was kinda gross, so they just use their hooves instead.

    The movie didn't have a political agenda, but it did hint at real life things going on. They included technology to relate better to modern society.

    They had 5 characters instead of six due to the limited amnount of minutes they had within the runtime of a movie.

    They did use brony websites to follow feedback on MLP as a whole.

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