• PONY Compilation Album: Pony Family - A Saucerful Of Magic

    Pony Family is a project of mine that aims to showcase the best pony-inspired music made by our community, with each album containing only pony songs hoof-picked by me. I'm happy to announce that the second full-fledged album is now out on Bandcamp!! It contains 13 previously released recent tracks and 5 brand new tracks, and relistening to the songs in the order that I thoughtfully prepared just made me so emotional and I could tear up from the pony emotions that the tracks are making me feel. I can only hope that this album will be as emotional to you!! It's filled with PONY, and the things that make us bronies! Please join me in this new celebration of pony music!

    Ponies forever!!

    Download the pony compilation album from Bandcamp here!