• New My Little Pony Generation 5 Android 8'' Tablet Appears

    Ponify EVERYTHING is apparently the goal this generation, cause Hasbro is going all out this time with a full on G5 android tablet listed by a company called Touchmate. The device comes stock with Android 10, with some pretty basic specs including 2gb of ram and a 1.3ghz quad-core Intel processor. It's definitely not going to be running anything you throw at it with a pretty hefty $160 price tag. It does include a case though.

    Find some pictures of it below!


    My Little Pony 8" Tablet with phone calling feature, the user can enjoy 3G wireless internet anywhere on move. Just need to insert a 3G package sim in this tablet. It has capacitive 5 points multi-touch super sensitive screen. It runs on the latest google android 10 operating system which is specifically designed with an easy GUI for the quick entertainment experience. You can quickly access the internet thru 3 or thru wi-fi hotspots & enjoy Facebook, youtube, Twitter, emails, games, Skype video calls, apps. 400,000 google apps & unlimited internet contents.

    My Little Pony 8" Tablet has a built-in micro-USB port to play USB drives thru OTG cable. Built-in G-sensor for 360 rotates for easy all side screen view. It contains a fast 1.3 GHz Intel Quad-core high-speed processor for quick internet access, browsing, real motion video, games & movies playback. Wi-fi for wireless internet at home or hotspot areas & dual camera for recording photo/movie & video shooting & chatting. Enjoy amazing all-in-one exclusive My Little Pony 8" 3G Quad-core Tablet.