• 25 of the Best Luna Fanfics for Luna Day!

    The moon is only slightly weirded out by all these crazy fanfics you've written about her. She's happy you've noticed her at least.

    We've got 25 fanfics to read for Luna day, completely different from the last compilations. If you want more, hit those up! Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them.

    Go read below.



    Slice of Life




    The Dream Stalker by Car Cloth


    Princess Luna slips through the dreams of her subjects, helping them conquer their fears and anxieties in any way she can.

    But its a thankless task... one that often leaves Luna filled with the old bitterness she once felt before her banishment. The bitterness begins to take hold until, one night, she stumbles upon a pony who dreams exclusively of her... Perhaps her task wasn't as unappreciated as she thought.


    Princess Luna Likes Coffee by Bradel


    Princess Luna reflects on what it's like to come back from one thousand years of exile, and all the things she's missed in the time she's been gone. These are a few of her favorite things.


    The Moon Has a Softer Light by Nyronus


    Princess Luna has been many things. Artist, scholar, warrior, queen, and villain. There are many things she's known and experienced, yet one night she's asked to do something novel even for her; give advice.


    It's a Start by Arcticbrony


    Celestia is worried about her sister; Luna talks to herself constantly and refuses to go beyond the palace walls if she can help it. Thinking a kindred spirit will help, Celestia (with much additional persuasion from Fluttershy) asks Discord to spend an evening with Luna to get her to open up, even if just a little.

    And much like anything involving Discord, almost none of it goes well.


    Dreaming's Night by nanashi_jones


    On a midnight train, one mare travels to Canterlot. She goes to see Princess Luna, presiding in her Night Court. With her, she carries determination and a book. The book has been passed from parent to foal, from generation to generation for a time longer than most ponies can even imagine.

    She travels to Canterlot to give the book to Luna.

    And neither pony will be the same after.









    Storm of Terror by DrakeyC


    Luna awakens from her morning slumber and finds Equestria on the brink of chaos. She races to do what she can to secure the safety of her subjects before going to her sister to alert the rest of the country.

    ...why does Celestia not seem to be taking this seriously?

    Set shortly after the events of "Luna Eclipsed"


    Caffeinated by bonamb


    Luna samples a culinary delight, discovered in her absence. Issues are addressed and secrets are unearthed because of this marvellous beverage.

    Its name is... coffee?


    Romancing the Sun by Impossible Numbers


    Celestia is the very image of beauty and perfection, and has been for over a thousand years. Inevitably, she receives a large number of letters every Hearts and Hooves Day. Luna is not amused, especially when they interfere with politics.


    A Total Eclipse Of The Fun by Estee


    The Sun comes down, the Moon goes up. The Moon is lowered, the Sun is raised. Ever since Discord was originally defeated, that has been the pattern, the heart of stability for life in Equestria, a celestial sign that ponies retain the helm.

    But Luna remembers what life was like before, and the shards of beauty which could be found in chaos.

    With the second anniversary of the Return approaching along with the associated holiday, Celestia wants to know if there's anything Luna would like to do in marking the occasion. And all Luna wants -- is an eclipse.

    Other than Celestia and Luna, nopony has seen an eclipse in more than a thousand years.

    This could be a problem.


    When They Were Young: The New Nanny by Mr101


    King Terra and Queen Aeterna hire a new nanny for their daughters Luna and Celestia after the lastest nanny angrily humbly quits her position after a series of pranks by the two siblings. (Once again being instigated by Celestia).

    When they meet her, Luna instantly takes a liking to her. However, Celestia isn't so keen on the idea... and tries to deter the new nanny away from her post.

    ... with backfiring results.


    What's in the Box? by Daemon of Decay


    Princess Luna faces a philosophical quandary that challenges the very concept of Equestria's cuboid storage devices.


    Luna vs. a Vending Machine by nyxOs


    It’s the middle of the night and Luna’s got the munchies. Thankfully, Canterlot Castle just acquired a vending machine for such occasions.

    What could possibly go wrong?


    Pistols At Dawn by naturalbornderpy


    After learning of an ancient dueling ritual she'd missed out on while trapped in the moon, Princess Luna becomes determined to try a round of pistols at dawn herself.

    Now if she could only find somepony willing to duel her.


    Parhelion by Habanc


    Hello, Equestria. My name is Princess Luna, and my sister is an idiot. The object of her idiocy – her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle – appears to share her stupidity. Luckily, I am here to lend them a helping hoof.

    I can't really blame them, though. They're just so adorable when they're completely clueless.


    Sounds of Lunacy by The Engineer Pony


    Before she became Nightmare Moon, Luna fought many adversaries who threatened Equestria. And since her return, new and old enemies have appeared with alarming frequency. But the land had peace for a thousand years while Luna was on the moon, and now the princess questions how such a thing could be possible.

    Celestia offers her a completely logical and reasonable explanation.









    The Enemy Within by Jake The Army Guy


    What was supposed to be a day of laughter and joy for Spike ended in screams and terror.

    After receiving a tear-stained scroll from Twilight, Princess Luna and a Royal Guard relief force race towards Ponyville. While the Guard sets to rendering aid to the shaken town, Luna heads for the Golden Oak Public Library to render aid to the one she knows all too well needs it the most.


    What Once Was Lost... by Night Spark


    Luna loved her sister. She loved Celestia more than she loved the ponies of Equestria. However the ponies denied her. They only loved her sister and when Luna attempted to remedy their blasphemy her own beloved sister cast her from the world. Celestia had made Luna's own creation her cold and dismal prison. The stars had betrayed her. After a thousand years Luna had returned and her sister's pets had forced her to "exorcise" her inner demon. The notion that she was ever possessed made her wonder what sort of lies Celestia had fed to her groveling sheep.

    Luna stood alone in her tower and watched Canterlot burn. The changelings were bringing so much death and chaos. The captain of the guard was defeated. Princess Cadence was weakened and frail. The elements of harmony were no longer a threat and Celestia was incapacitated. Everything was proceeding as Luna had foreseen.


    Princess Luna Earns Her Cutie Mark by the dobermans


    A young Princess Celestia helps her baby sister discover her true identity.


    Luna the Faithful by Graymane Shadow


    Cadance, Princess of Love.

    Celestia, the Lightbringer.

    Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.

    Luna, Mistress of the Night.

    Of the Four Princesses, Luna is the one that the Four Demons know the least about. Sure, there was that business about being Nightmare Moon and being banished for a thousand years, but how threatening can the Princess of the Night - a princess that plays second fiddle to her elder sister - really be?

    Luna isn't insulted. She prefers her enemies stupid anyway.









    For All To See by Pearple Prose


    Luna struggles with her art and herself, and her beloved sees her at her worst.


    Upon Breaking Rules by Habanc


    Dear Diary,

    Looking back, a scientific, step-by-step plan is completely ineffective for social situations (Note to self: don't do them, ever). Inviting Princess Luna to a Pinkie Pie Hearth's Warming party, with a checklist of steps in your head, was an awful idea. There are too many variables that a checklist cannot prepare for, such as an entrancing outfit. The plan resulted in a spectacular failure of when awkward meets anxious.

    For future use, a spreadsheet might be better.

    - TS


    She Dap by Carapace


    Luna has hidden a deep, dark secret from the ponies she watches over so lovingly. Were they to discover it, she can only imagine what it would do to the image they now hold of her. Twilight thinks it's just precious and plans to uncover it once and for all.

    In the name of dapples.









    Somnambula and the Demon of Dreams by Impossible Numbers


    Prince Hisan, now pharaoh, is plagued by a mysterious affliction that torments him nightly. Ever hopeful, Somnambula ventures forth to seek the help of Princess Luna, for she is now a shining light in dark places. But lights CAN be extinguished…


    Lunar Limbo by Pump It Up


    Lunar Limbo is a cold place, made even colder with a being whose only purpose is to augment one’s negative emotions and one’s desires, who insists that Luna was right to try to take over.









    Strength of the Night by Emerald Aura


    This story is my personal interpretation of what may have happened during the pilot episodes of Friendship is Magic: Parts 1 and 2, from Luna's perspective. It began as an attempt to answer some unanswered questions about the episodes (what happened to Celestia for the during of the episodes, why did Nightmare Moon take interest in Twilight and her friends rather than just claiming rulership over the kingdom right away, why did she provide indirect trials for them instead of just disintegrating them with magic, and so forth). The story does include events and dialogue that happened off screen, but some of the story simply uses the dialogue and action from the pilot episodes and re-contextualizes them using Luna's inner thoughts.