• New Pipp Petals Styling Head Toy Appears, Plus G5 Bedspread

    Pipp Petals Styling Head

    Pipp has joined Izzy on the "Stylin Head" line of merchandise apparently, with a new listing on bol.com showing off images of her.

    I've popped the details down below! We haven't seen her outside of this yet, but knowing other merch, expect these to hit stores around the world with pony stuff soon.



    Styling fun with Pipp Petals from the new movie "My Little Pony: A New Generation"! There are so many ways to style and decorate the beautiful long mane of purple hair of the My Little Pony hood with the accessories. You can even make your own beaded necklaces. The Pipp Petals styling head comes with cutiemark stickers, a brush, beads and needle threader, hair ties, hairpins and warp cord. •


    MY LITTLE PONY HOODED HEAD PIPP PETALS - Decorate Princess Pipp Petals' purple mane. Comb her hair and give her a beautiful hairstyle thanks to the accessories. • FUN ACCESSORIES - With the various accessories, such as the Cutiemark stickers, beads, hairpins, ... , you can get creative and make Pipp Petals beautiful for her next performance! •


    MOVIE MY LITTLE PONY: A NEW GENERATION - Princess Petals from the new movie “My Little Pony: A New Generation” is a Zephyr Heights pegasus and a stylish and talented pop star.

    Thanks to... Pipp Petals for the heads up!