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    What Will Happen Next?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So after a very long wait, the new G5 movie has finally come out, marking the official start of the new generation in the My Little Pony franchise! And oh boy… What can I say? It was well worth the wait and was an excellent start, I really enjoyed the movie, the animation, music, comedy were all great and while the story could have been better some times, it was very passable and sets up a lot of potential ideas going forth!

    However… Where do we go now and what’s next in store for our new cast!? Also, fair warning, there will be spoilers to the movie, I repeat… THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, then stop reading!

    So we all knew that G5’s premise is that the three kinds of ponies, Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn have all separated, living apart from each other until Sunny, making new friends along the way, sets out to finally fix the problems Equestria has in a magic less world. And well she succeeds of course with the help of her new friends, managing to bring back magic and once again unite the three different pony kinds.

    And what’s more… Sunny is an alicorn! Although from what I can see, it was only temporary, with the wings and horn not being made from solid, well you know. It seems that it’s a special kind of power up Sunny now has and it only activates at specific times when a mission is complete. Which means that Sunny with her new friends will most likely go on more adventures to new places, well new places to them and at the same time familiar places, like the Changeling hive or the Crystal Empire.

    And speaking of which, the movie didn’t address what happened to the other races in Equestria, it only focused on the three different kinds of ponies, so maybe Sunny and her friends will journey to the other lands next time we see them. And there will be episodes about Sunny and her friends bringing back the various races into the worldwide society after being so split apart for so long.

    Of course the movie did have an interesting and curious after credits scene… In it, we saw a trio of colts and fillies, each a different kind of pony. (Maybe our new CMC?) And while they’re running off to play together, the Earth pony left very visible hoofprints shaped like hearts. Now I don’t know if this is significant or not, but… Why would they add it if it wasn’t a clue to what’s coming up? Could it be a sign that the land of Equestria is even more magical than what anypony, even Twilight Sparkle, knows?

    Either way, the future for G5 is looking very bright and I’m very optimistic on what will come next! But what are your thoughts and ideas on what’s coming up!? 

    6th, 7th, and 8th Members
    By Double C

    The new movie will introduce a new group called the Mane 5 that will have 2 pegasus, 2 earth ponies, and one unicorn also mention 4 mares and 1 stallion. We were all surprise that it wasn’t at 6 since that number has been somewhat standard since Gen 4. Beside the Mane 6 we also had the Human 6, the Pillars of Equestria, and the Young 6. Hopefully there is room for a 6th in the series and maybe even more. In their own worlds, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer have been the 7th members which are called the Human 7 and Mane 7. If Sunset return then it would have been called the Mane 8.

    The 6th member should be a unicorn so that it will have two of each of the tribes just like it before Twilight became an Alicorn. While the 7th and 8th can be the others but personally I hope one is a bat pony. Despite having a strong fan base the bat ponies have never played a big part in the show and made few small parts in the comics and novels. They have so much potential like knowing their origins, their culture, and perhaps their bitter relationship with the other 3 tribes. I don’t know why writers like M.A. Larson never added them and hopefully they will shine in A New Generation.

    Since Hitch is going to be the only main character to be a male it would make sense if they add more. Even though large portions of the characters in the franchise are females but has slowly through the years added males like Spike, the Big Brother Ponies, Big Mac, Soarin, Shining Armor, Flash Sentry, Thunderlane, Cheese Sandwich, Pipsqueak, Rumble, Thorax, and Gallus. If they wanted to find a balance, they could split it between 4 girls and 4 boys which could make up a possible Mane 8.

    What do all think, should it remain at 5 or could it go up? How many would you like it to be? What ponies would you like to be in? Would you be ok if there would be more males?

    Zipp to Restore the Wonderbolts?
    By The Dragon Warlock

    When I was watching the new MLP movie, I noticed one particular scene that stood out to me; even if it was just a few seconds. We see Zipp staring at an old Wonderbolts poster and it has me thinking that somewhere down the line she may end up bringing them back. Zipp does have some of Rainbow's traits in her and she has a love for flying too. It's possible that somehow Zipp did hear about the Wonderbolts through some very old tales in Zephyr Heights and was intrigued by them. Now that magic has been restored to Equestria, this opens up the chance for Zipp to be like those legendary fliers she's heard so much about.

    This opens up the idea of a storyline about Zipp going around and recruiting the best fliers possible to slowly rebuild and restore the Wonderbolts. I don't think it will be under the same name, but the overall same goals would apply to have the best of the best fliers and to be somewhat like a military unit. It would be a pretty long storyline like Rainbow joining the Wonderbolts, but I believe it's one that would be interesting. Zipp is clearly not interested in royal life like her mom and sister are. She wants to do something more adventurous and what better way than to bring back the Wonderbolts and become its new leader? This would also make for a good storyline involving rebuilding Equestria back to its former glory.


    Queen Novo's Missed Potential
    By IronYoshi

    Queen Novo is one of my favorite characters from FIM, right next to Celestia. Shes criminally underrated and deserved so much more love (or even a Say Something Nice post, HINT HINT). I've talked about her previously, specifically defending her from all the horrible accusations some fans have put on her, but today I would like to talk about what could have been for our dear FishBirbPone Mom Queen if she got more time in the spotlight.

    Novo sadly didn't appear in the last 2 seasons save for a very brief cameo for obvious voice actor reasons, nor did she appear in the Season 10 comic, which really soured me. There is so much we could have gotten from her if she was given the chance. For example, I feel like we could have gotten an episode dealing with Novo's past, and that the attack on Mount Aris gave her PTSD and trust issues. She then would have to work them out with Celestia or Twilight. I mean, the incident surely would have been very traumatic for Novo, and I've talked about how she may have lost her husband to the Storm King way back when. Like Celestia, Novo's past is shrouded in mystery, and its waiting to be unraveled.

    Speaking of, it would have also been neat to see the relationship between Celestia and Novo. It has been speculated that they both were close friends in the past, so having an episode or comic story that showcased their friendship would have been great. Or maybe have Novo and Twilight together, as they try to make amends following the events of the movie. It was implied that they made up offscreen, but having them trying to work out their issues together would be a great character scenario.

    Plus Novo is just a fun character overall. She's stern and strict, but is very fair. She is super sassy, but she does care deeply for her subjects. It would be interesting to explore her character more, and as someone who wrote 2 FIMFiction stories featuring Novo as a main character, I think it's a lot of fun writing her. In the right hands, you can make her very complex and fleshed out. Plus many of the ideas suggested would help add to it all.

    Queen Novo is a character who deserved so much better than what she got. I'm always drawn to the characters who don't get much attention from both the show and fandom, and Novo got the short end of the stick pretty bad. It's why I like talking about her a lot, heck, I dedicate the entire month of November to drawing her. If she was given the chance, she would have been a standout character in the FIM movie. She could have had a bigger role in the show and comics, but sadly she never got that chance. There's so much more to her, and I wish we could have gotten to see it.