• More My Little Pony: A New Generation Concept Art From Alvaro Ramirez, Veronica Alvarez, and More Arrives!

    Alvaro Ramirez over on Instagram has dropped another batch of movie concept art off. This time focused on Zephyr Heights. If you missed his previous set, you can find it over here.

    Now go get some pegasus city below!

    Update: And joining him, we have two more artists posting things! Check those out too below!

    Alvaro Ramirez:

    Veronica Alvarez

    Quote from Instagram: Finally we can show you the art we made for the film 'My Little Pony a new Generation', so I'm going to start from what we can see in the movie at the beginning, in my case I started working on Sunny's bedroom when she was a kid and an adult. This first image is a story moment based on the previous design of her bedroom when she was a kid, designed by the talented artist @fabia.sans.art And @_amybubble In this case we can see how Sunny use that space while we give a description of the things that we could see in the bedroom. In the next post I will show you the look of the new bedroom I could redesign and we can see on the movie 

    Pablo R. Mayer

    Thanks to Sweet Notes and Orange Flower for the heads up.