• Name These Movie Ponies - Round 2!

    People Seemed to like the idea yesterday, so off we go! There are a ton of background characters for us to obsess over from the movie, and so far not much of a campaign going to adopt, name, and fanonize them! I already explained it all yesterday though, so catch up on that if you missed it.

    For a quick rundown, we will be attempting to name a backgrounder every night at 6 PM blog time. Drop your idea for names in the comments, and upvote ones you like! If you'd like to submit a pony for consideration, send it to the submit box.

    Last night's mare had a few highly upvoted names: Mulberry Bramble, Agatha Mulberry, Moonshadow, Blackberry Sour. Very berry!  Do with that what you will. I love moonshadow personally. We will compile them all up in the end, so feel free to go upvote names you like on her post if you missed it.


    Now for round 2! Go name these ponies!