• Gillian Berrow Explains Zipp and Pipp's Royal Positions, Imalou Deep Dives Into the History of Sprout!

    I would compile up a bunch of these minor factoids that are slowly arriving from various movie staffers, but they come out so sporadically at the moment. Have a 2-fer instead, cause these are definitely discussion worthy topics!

    First off, writer Gillian Berrow has confirmed that Zipp is in fact heir to the throne over Pipp. A rumor was rumbling around the fandom that the two of them are twins, but Pipp is, in fact, older. We might be calling Zipp "Queen Zipp" some day!

    And following that, we have a bit of an extension on what Imalou explained during her panel the other day. It turns out Sprout went through many different variations while his character was constructed, with costumes from the movie "The Dictator", along with Gaddafi being the big draw for his final "evil" form. She also goes into detail about the past Dio Brando (From Jojo's Bizaare Adventure) haircut he was rockin in some of the concepts, and how they eventually stuck with a slicked back look. 


    Both tweets are capped below for easy viewing!