• Name This Movie Pony! - New Post Series Starts Now!

    Lets try something new shall we? Generation 4 was propped up big time by it's huge amount of amazing background ponies, not because they did anything significant in the show early on, but because the fandom loved their designs and decided they absolutely HAD to have a backstory! Right now we have full crowds of ponies from the movie who are currently complete mysteries. A few attempts have been made around the fandom to assign them fan names, but compared to the old days it's not nearly as strong.

    I'm not saying EQD is the authority on pony naming or anything, as that tends to happen organically, but maybe we can have some fun with it! Replacing our "Something Nice" series (for the time being, I still want to revisit the new G5 mane cast now that we know them), we will be dedicating the 6 PM Blog time slot to naming a random pony from the movie. While the designs this time around aren't quite as varied and explosive as G4, there are still plenty of cute pones to talk about.

    Today we begin with this mare right here! She's Marble-pie looking and kinda broody. What should her name be? Pop your ideas down in the comments, and if you are feeling really adventurous, maybe toss her some fan ideas too! Be sure to upvote ones you like.  If a backgrounder stuck out to you and is reasonably easy to screencap, feel free to send a picture to submit@equestriadaily.com and we will add them to the list!