• Early Alphabittle Concepts and Color Scripts For the Entire My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie revealed!

    Apparently Netflix allows their artists to go nuts with the concept images, something we got almost none of with G4. With that comes this nonstop flood or things to post!

    First off, we have the model above showing off an early rendition of Alphabittle, complete with a bunch more pronounceed hairline and fuzz. The artist over on Instagram apparently did a lot of environment work for the movie too.

    And following that, we've got a full color script from Pablo R. Mayer, showing off the way lighting and color was used throughout, including some news that Alphabittle at one point lived in a cave! I'm popping that down below, along with more shots of Alphabittle.

    Thanks to OrangeFlower and Derps for the heads up!