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    • Celestia's Knights
    • Sunny and Izzy may be the new Luna and Celestia.
    • An Appeal to the G4 Purists
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    Will Equestria Girls be in A New Generation?
    By Double C

    You know it was sad and disappointing that Hasbro decided to end Equestria Girls with Friendship is Magic without a proper ending. Especially with a special where we would have found out what happen to human Sunset. I would have preferred Equestria Girls over Pony Life any time. With Gen 5 coming it will raise the question to some fans would Equestria Girls continue? There would be plenty of opportunity for this spinoff to continue and explore the human world more.

    As we all know that magic has disappeared in Equestria so the mirror that connects the worlds would also not work. I can imagine the Mane 5 discovering the mirror and not really know what it is until they did something to reactivate it. Like with Twilight and Spike, they would freak-out that they turned into humans unless Sunny had old notes from either or both Twilight and Sunset. It would be interesting of how they will adapt to their human bodies and customs which would be strange much like Twilight did in her first encounter.

    The question that would come to mind is how long the Human 7 had any contact with Equestria and would they still be there? I can bet that they all graduated from Canterlot High with some going to college while the others have found full time jobs. Like the Council of Friendship meets once a moon, the human 7 may have their reunions once a year either during their school reunion or on a specific day. It is unknown who chose to say or moved out but I have a good guess on who stayed and who moved. Applejack obviously stays due to the family apple farm, Rainbow stays but travels to sporting events, Rarity creates a fashion empire but weather she’s stays or is somewhere else, Fluttershy travels around the world with varies places to stay including her home, and Pinkie is most likely both stayed and travel because she is a party planner. Sunset (either the human or pony) and Sci-Twi most likely went to college together to become teachers and perhaps work at Canterlot High working from teachers to Principle and Vice-Principle.

    While we may see the adult human 7, but the Mane 5 will most likely meet their children. Hopefully like all their pony counterparts, the Human 7 all found their special someone, got married, and started their own families. While it will be up to the creators, but to me I hope Sci-Twi and Flash got together. The Mane 5 and what I like to call the Young Humane 7 would teach each other about their world something that was only seen in Spring Breakdown. While it is unknown if they will face a villain but most likely the Dazzles since it would have been fun to know what really happen to them after Sunset Backstage Pass.

    So let’s hope if Hasbro will bring Equestria Girls back for their 10th anniversary. What would you all like to see if Equestria Girls comes back?


    Celestia's Knights
    By Oddball Tales

    Nightmare Knights is one of my very favorite mini series of comics the pony line has ever done. Written by the genius Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by the amazing Tony Fleecs, the series is about Princess Luna and Stygian (formerly the pony of shadows) traveling to another dimension with a team of former villains-Trixie, Capper and Tempest Shadow- and facing off against the mad Goddess of Chaos, Eris. (Not going to spoil any plot details here, but it has many interesting ideas and is very much worth a read!)

    However, it led me to thinking... if there was a part 2, starring Celestia's team based on a similar concept, who would be on it? Now some may think "Oh, that would be the Mane 6!" But I personally believe that they are more Twilight's team then Celestia's. While Celestia did choose Twilight as her student, Twilight made all those friendships on her own. So who would, or should, Sun-butt pick for her team?
    First, I'd imagine plot wise it would have to be kept secret from the other princesses and the mane 6, so they are all out. While not entirely sure what the plot would be, I'd be inclined to think it would be a magical mishap that could have dire consequences yet would have to be kept discrete. Secondly, perhaps instead of going with a reformed villains theme as Luna did, Celestia's squad would have something that relates more to her personally- perhaps a team of underappreciated, or thought to be by many "useless" ponies, who end up surprising people with how much they really do? And the villain of the story could even underestimate the team based on this, deciding Celestia is "Too old" to be a threat or has "lost her edge" as a warrior. I would love to hear people's thoughts on this!

    I'm Oddball Tales, thanks for reading!


    Sunny and Izzy may be the new Luna and Celestia.
    By: indiana

    I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of G5 for a while but after getting accustomed to it I grew to like it quite a lot. And the more I payed attention to it the more I noticed some interesting details in the trailers, songs and sneak peeks. I guess we got it confirmed that Sunny has kind of main character status like Twilight did in G4 but in this version of MLP I have a strong feeling that there will be two main characters. Izzy looks like the second candidate for that. Why do I think this? Because Both Sunny and Izzy look like embodiments of multiple characters from G4 while the other 3 seem to be a lot less in the spotlight. If you think that's a good or a bad thing that's up for debate but I will remind you that this happened from the very beginning in G4 too so I see nothing strange there. Now what evidence is there for Sunny and Izzy both being main characters? Sunny Starscout is a combo between Celestia and her search the night entities AKA stars. Izzy Moonbow sounds like what Luna's role was as the closest companion to Celestia and in this case to Sunny. Sunny and Izzy might also play the roles of Twilight and Starlight. Now we don't know much about Sunny's full potential yet but I can safely say that Izzy is OP! Even without magic she has Pinkie powers and Applejack strength and I suspect that she will have Starlight's power level too when she gets her magic back. Have I gotten closer to the truth or is it all just conspiracy theories? I guess we will find out sooner or later.


    An Appeal to the G4 Purists
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So it’s going to be one of those topics again… If you don’t want to read this, you don’t have to, although this time I’m going to be softer and less aggressive this time. And well yeah… As the title says, this is an appeal to the G4 Purists to see some sense in what they’re doing.

    So at the time of writing this, it’s only just one week away from G5 officially starting with the movie on Netflix and well while the G4 Purists are just a small minority, they’re still a problem and still refusing to give G5 a chance. Now you all know I have been constantly at battle with them through several of my soapboxes, but I really want to try a different angle with this issue.

    Now for starters, me, I’m really looking froward to the movie and what will follow, it looks promising and well made and I’m sure it will be a success. It might even top G4 when I get to see more of it! However… That doesn’t mean I completely abandoned G4, aka Friendship is Magic, even when G5 gets into full swing, I’ll still rewatch G4 content from time to time and I’m sure there will still be fan made G4 content for us to enjoy still.

    Now, from what I understand of the Purists (Don’t know what other term to use) they hold G4 to a sort of golden standard, like it’s the peak of the MLP franchise and nothing can beat it. And although some in this group feel betrayed by the staff about such things like Season 9, the Season 10 comics, Twilight becoming the new ruler of Equestria, etc., they are completely writing off G5, saying how it makes everything done in G4 pointless.

    Yes, in a way, I can see this argument, since G5 follows after G4, but we have yet to really know what and how it happened and I’m more curious and interested because of that, I want to know what happened. And yeah like I said… Stuff like Season 9 and Twilight being a fully grown alicorn, it’s what supposed to happen or it’s not my decision and I don’t have the power to change what has already been done and decided.

    Look, I know you Purists are upset, but nothing you say or do will change anything, especially since we’re so close to G5 starting. (Again, at the time of me writing this!) Also, you continuing to shout and comment on every G5 post is not only a headache for us, but you too… When you do make such a comment, you’re just asking to be picked on and called out for your ignorance and childlike behavior. And if you don’t like what you see… Then why are you even still here? Take this advice… It’s okay if you don’t like what you see, what’s not is to deny everyone else the enjoyment and be a troll. Go do something you actually enjoy, it’ll be better for both sides if you do and everyone will be happy.

    Hopefully this is the last time I have to talk about such a subject, if any Purists are reading this, please take my words into consideration to heart, not just for our sake, but for yours as well!