• 2 FIENDShip is Magic Twilight Sugar Skill Variant Covers Up for Auction By Original Artist Sara Richard!

    I know for a fact there are still people out there looking for this cover to complete their set.

    Which is completely understandable. Considering that if you did not get this cover the day it came out back in 2015, you're probably still looking for it.

    The Twilight Sparkle Sugar Skull cover for FIENDShip is Magic #1 is easily the rarest comic—non 1,000,000 issues sold milestone—cover ever produced for the IDW My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book series.

    Well folks, I have good news for you! While sorting through her boxes over the weekend, IDW Comic Artist Sara Richard found two of these covers. She has signed both of them, and has tossed them up for sale on ebay!

    Normally EQD wouldn't cover eBay sales of older merch, but this is notable for 3 reasons.

    1) These comic covers are incredibly rare and needed to finish up the Sugar Skull Cover Set.
    2) They come signed by the original illustrator.
    3) Starting (and current) bid for each one is $0.99.

    Let me repeat, the current bid for each one is $0.99. For comic covers that usually sell for several hundred dollars a pop. With luck you may be getting that missing cover for a hell of a deal! Good luck!