• 3D Model of Pipp Petals Released Via Instagram Filter

    Everyone's favorite smol social media star has an offiical instagram filter if you pop open the app and search for her, and with that came the ability to apparently extract it as a separate 3D Model that people are currently happily playing with as seen in this gif (Also popped down below). You will have to do some work to actually use it for anything, but it's pretty neat to see that we might have an official 3D object to play around with!

    Get links and stuff below. You will definitely need some technical skills with 3D modeling to do anything with them, but if you know what you are doing this could be a fun project to take on!


    File 1
    File 2
    File 3


    Textured version example from V747 on Twitter:

    Thanks to Raven for the heads up!