• 38 More of the Best Rarity Fanfics to Read for Rarity Day!

    Rarity is a very well-read pony. At least that's what she tells me. Have some fanfics celebrating her for Rarity Day. If your favorite Rarity fanfic isn't here, be sure to check last year's post or previous years also linked in there.

    Now go read all about Rarity below and thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them for us!



    Slice of Life




    Eternity by Taialin


    The greatest displays of strength are not always the most overt. Fluttershy is not whom one would consider to be a strong pony. But when Rarity digs a little deeper, she discovers in her friend a strength that carries the weight of hundreds.


    Study of Generosity by PaulAsaran


    A month ago, Scootaloo made the mistake of suggesting generosity was nothing more than looking rich and throwing things at less fortunate ponies. Rarity set her straight, and Scoots has a much better appreciation for the concept.

    But when she asks Rainbow Dash about it, she's treated to a view of Rarity she didn't expect. Rarity's done things in the past that don't mesh with the generous lifestyle she introduced Scootaloo to. Does that mean everything Rarity showed her was a lie? Is Rarity just a greedy, envious, corrupt fraud?

    Scootaloo has to know more.


    Peridots by TheLegendaryBillCipher


    Rarity is looking for something - a certain gemstone for a certain reason. Fortunately, Maud can help with that.


    Rarity and the Nuckelavee by TheDriderPony


    When relaxing in a secret hot spring, Rarity has an encounter that, one way or another, will change her life forever.









    The Hair by DrakeyC


    Rarity finds a grey hair

    'nuff said.


    A Simple Raid? by WhispersInTheDark


    The USS Exeter, still damaged after a recent battle, scans a certain planet and finds evidence of much-needed dilithium crystals on the surface. Scans also show it's a pre-warp civilization, so the Prime Directive is in full force.

    But they need those crystals, as the nearest starbase is hundreds of lightyears away. They only need a few pounds of them to repair their warp drive, then they can be back on course. How hard could it be to beam in, get the crystals from the primitives, and beam out?

    What they don't know about is the white unicorn who's been using them for her dresses.

    Those poor fools...


    Bifröst by Carabas


    Wherein unreasonably well-groomed Vikings crash a wedding.


    Discontinued by Estee


    Finding one's ideal assemblage of beauty products is somewhat more complicated than discovering the perfect mate: after all, when it comes to love, a mare has but to locate one pony. It's taken years for Rarity to learn what works best for her: in some cases, the only things which work at all. Which means that having a crucial shampoo (her only shampoo!) taken out of the mix may create something of a minor issue.

    Well, it's surely nothing which a proper lady can't deal with in dignity and grace. Also explosions.

    She's still a Bearer. There's always explosions.


    I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. by Tumbleweed


    Rarity's decided to break up with Applejack, but were they even an item in the first place? And, perhaps more importantly, what does Applejack have to say about it?

    Hijinks, of course, will ensue.


    Feedback by Curly Q


    After Rainbow Dash's magnum opus fan-fiction, Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny, fails to attract the response from her editor, Rarity, that she expected, she copes with her feelings of rejection in a manner befitting of her established reputation: by parking her cloud mansion above the boutique and drenching it in a watery apocalypse.


    Punk Saves Hearth's Warming by Pen Stroke


    Rarity and Discord are sent on a mission by the friendship map during the holiday season. Can they save Hearth's Warming for these Manehatten fans of the punk aesthetic, or will they only cause more chaos.

    It's probably going to be a little bit of both.


    Resident Weevil by Estee


    There's really no way to prevent it. No matter how careful you are, regardless of one's dedication to personal cleanliness, they're going to get in eventually. And for most ponies, it's a moment of deep gross-out, followed by scrubbing down their entire pantry, kicking out far too much of what's in it, and ending with a regretfully expensive shopping trip to replace what was lost.

    But this is Rarity. The situation was unacceptable. And her intention was to take out the problem at the source.

    Now if she can just find a way of explaining that to the jury...









    The Farmer's Daughter by Cillerenda


    The farmer’s daughter was not Rarity's friend. She never would be, either. Ever.


    Doll Judgement by Oroboro


    The Cutie Map calls on Twilight and Rarity in order to investigate the town of Hollow Shades, a gloomy village with a fearful populace and an unsettling fixation on dolls. On top of it all, there's a new leader running the show: a mysterious unicorn known as Lady Mari who protects the town in exchange for their servitude.

    For some reason Twilight and Rarity can't shake the feeling that they've seen this all before. But that can't be true—this is just another friendship problem, right?


    The Pit by ugugg93


    A freak accident leaves Applejack and Rarity trapped under a rock slide. Both will be changed forever, but in different ways.


    City of Lights by garatheauthor


    Rarity sits in her living room, far from Canterlot, enjoying what is to be her last glass of wine for the evening. Before her is a pad of paper, to record her thoughts, and a cocktail of narcotics that will be more than adequate at ending her life.

    Another life lost in the City of Lights.


    i know The End by The Red Parade


    The end is rainy cafes and half-empty teacups.

    The end is rusty playgrounds with clouds overhead.

    The end is whispered conversations swirling around you.

    The end is storm sirens screaming in the air.

    Rarity knows the end.

    That doesn't mean she's come to terms with it.


    Your Name Like Oil Poured Out by Cynewulf


    When a confrontation with a new magical enemy goes horribly wrong, Twilight and Rarity find themselves trapped under rubble and dirt and twisted metal together. There is no light, no more air, and perhaps also no hope of rescue.









    Simulations by Monochromatic


    Twilight Sparkle regrets botching her romantic confession to Rarity. As a joke, Rarity proposes a simple and elegant solution: break up and try it again.

    She just wasn't prepared for Twilight to agree to it.


    Unplanned by Winston


    Rarity and Rainbow Dash spend a wonderful night together—the kind of night filled with pure magic.

    But how long does magic last, and can its fleeting spark be caught and held?


    A Little Light Reading by Undome Tinwe


    Twilight likes to sneak books into Rarity's saddlebags, and Rarity likes to read them.


    I Adore You Darling by daOtterGuy


    Rarity is visiting the Crystal Empire to woo Double Diamond while he is participating in the Winter Games.

    Nothing will stop her from being with her beloved Prince.


    Language by Taialin


    Rarity has found a new hobby in meditating with Fluttershy, and through months of practice, she's not only learned how to listen to nature, but also how to read ponies and the inner feelings they hide. But she never wanted to read her best friend.


    Not My Rescuer (but not bad either) by HapHazred


    Rarity has had some tough luck at love. Blueblood, Trenderhoof... Now that she's been set up on a blind date by Rainbow Dash, all she hopes for is that it won't end in utter embarrassment.

    She didn't account for having already impacted their life in a major way.


    Our Reflection in the Mirror by MoonlitMelody


    Twilight and Rarity are best friends. They haven't shared phone numbers, they have never hung out together, and they have never seen each other's faces. They talk nearly every day.

    You don't need to understand your magical power to make use of it.


    Crimson Lips by Monochromatic


    Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?


    Petty Please by Aragon


    The good thing about dating Rarity is that you get to talk to her.

    The bad thing about dating Rarity is that you have to talk to her.


    The Hill You Die On by PapierSam


    Soarin asks to meet Rarity’s parents – naturally, Rarity would rather die.

    And as the horrid day continues on its merry way, you'll find that there are no good guys here; just lessons to unlearn and battles to choose.


    We Will All Be Changed by Cynewulf


    There's a tension in Twilight and Rarity's relationship, one that they've danced around and only now are brave enough to address head on.


    Practice Makes Perfect by Monochromatic


    Twilight finds out that Rarity was nervous about asking her out.

    Surprisingly, this is quite upsetting information.









    A Bottle of Red by AFanaticRabbit


    It started with doubt, and despite their struggles and best efforts, Twilight and Rarity were forced to make a difficult decision. Months later, they have to confront the fallout, and maybe rebuild bridges that were broken.


    A Woman Worth Saving by Undome Tinwe


    In a city as corrupt as it is beautiful, a private investigator searches for her missing lover, a cop on the verge of busting open Canterlot's biggest crime syndicate.

    But in order to find her beloved Twilight Sparkle, Rarity will have to enlist the help of Canterlot's former chief of police and Twilight's mentor, Celestia. And as the two race against the clock to save a life, they will have to ask themselves what's worth fighting for in a city that's already lost its soul.


    The Circle and the Cross by Chris


    Five days ago, the Friendship Map called Rarity to a task. It called her alone. It called her to the middle of an uninhabited swamp.

    Today, she's returned to Ponyville, and she's asked her friends to meet her right away.

    The Friendship Map never calls without a purpose.


    Twenty to Six by The Red Parade


    After twenty five years, Rarity returns to Canterlot and anxiously awaits the arrival of Twilight Sparkle.


    What is Lacking Cannot Be Counted by Cynewulf


    Rarity disappeared years ago. Rainbow never got the full story. No one wanted to talk about it. Painful memories, bits and pieces of half-remembered interactions, none of it told her anything. So she started looking on her own, and at long last, she found Rarity.

    On a different continent, under a different name, with a different life.

    Rainbow would like to know why.


    The March Of Progress by Undome Tinwe


    In a world of extraordinary mares, Lady Rarity hunts for her next victim: a scientist by the name of Twilight Sparkle.

    Inspired by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.









    A Mare Called Rarity by Owlor


    Sapphire Shores demanded a special kind of lace for her dress to the Grand Galloping Gala, a style which you may only use if you get personal permission from its designer, an extremely picky frontier pony from Stitchtown, the fashion capital of the wild west. This sets Rarity on the course of an adventure which tests both her physical limits and her skills as a designer. If she plays her card right, she may even save her own town.


    A Study In Rainbows by Thanqol


    Returning from Zebrica, Rainbow Dash finds her lot cast in with the brilliant and eccentric detective, Rarity, as they unravel a crime most foul.

    Starring Rainbow Dash as Watson, Rarity as Holmes and Fluttershy as Lestrade.