• Top 5 Rarity Moments

    Since it’s coming up, I had to get the jump on it first. And it’s my favorite character of the Mane 6? I couldn’t write this soon enough. Whether you love her or tolerate her, Rarity is a personality that stands out not just for her style, but her personality as well. And even in the human world, there’s not a moment of magic without her involved in it. So let’s take a look at the best moments of Rarity in EqG because someone has to and they did her kind of wrong in Legend of Everfree. She’s not literally always about fashion…as much.

    1. Ok when she is about fashion, her ideas are amazing

    Yeah I won’t deny there are so many outfits to choose from just on either how cool or outlandish they are. From the Human 6 and their 80’s glam rock style in Rainbow Rocks to Daft Punk inspired, her range for fashion is limitless. Best moments of her fashion is the “Life is a Runway” music video with random background characters being transformed with sheer fashion powers alone. And even if you didn’t like a lot of her outfits, you could never fully forget them whether they were amazing or an acid trip.

    2. Her geode powers is unique and special to her character

    So in terms of superpowers, force fields aren’t all that original. Not compared to exploding sprinkles, I’ll admit. But they did so much more than just a force field and shield power. She can create multiple diamond shields and can even be stood on or used as a flotation device. The diamond gem shape is truly a power only she would have and probably my favorite out of the standard super speed and strength. Telekinesis is also a personal favorite and I think just about anyone would want to talk to animals, but in terms of its uses and personal touch, Rarity is the best Green Lantern.

    3. She’s still into Shadow Spade and detective stories 

    I like how random quirks like this randomly come up for different characters, especially if they involve reading. Rainbow Dash being into an adventure series Daring Do, Fluttershy having an animal book club in The Hooffields and the McColts, and not Rarity being a fan of detective noire even if it’s for the dramatic fashion and even more dramatic stories. It’s not even as random as you would think since detective stories are about paying attention to every detail and every clue to find the culprit. And with a fashion designer like Rarity, she is always about noticing every detail there is to find. When this came back up in the CYOE The Case of the Bedazzled Boot, I was ecstatic. A black and white mystery, the wardrobe from the episode being in this short with every option, and a lot of random moments of suspense that leads to a really fun ending. Nothing says entertaining like a dramatic detective.

    4. Funny trope of perfectionist not being perfect

    I don’t know what is it about Rarity, but this is the character I always look forward to seeing in her worst. Maybe because she’s a bit girly and wanting everything to be just so, but when things don’t work out, her freak outs are always hilarious. Her breakdowns are just as entertaining as her triumphs and those moments are what makes her a joy to watch. They made it a lot bigger in the original series, but I think for realism purposes, a teenage girl shouldn’t be dragging a fainting couch everywhere she does. Most likely not good for the back.


    I really need to control my shipping side when it comes to these top character moment lists, but come on. If there weren’t already hundreds of RariJack shippers, Rollercoaster of Friendship increased those numbers 10x. Just the idea that a whole special is about Applejack feeling neglected by Rarity and paying more attention to her new friend Vignette Valencia, made this one rocky relationship…friendship…relationship. The special is fun in its own ways and had fun moments with the rest of the characters when the main focus wasn’t the shipping fuel. But look at this screen shot. This wasn’t just a moment of them in mid-blink. This was a real still frame and I think Pinkie knows it, too. Top notch special for two top notch characters.

     I’ll be honest, Rarity was far from my favorite character in the beginning. I didn’t always like the overly girly characters or characters that focused on her looks all the time. But that wasn’t all her character was. It was more about bringing your inner beauty and light to the front and showing off how good you feel on the inside out. It comes well with her generosity and how she wants to put other’s happiness above her own. It can be a blessing and a curse to be this nice to others, but she never lets it stop her from being herself and that’s an amazing thing for any character. She’s also an interesting character to discuss just because it brings in so many points of view about her own morals and her habit of making her looks a trick to get what she needs. The debate on her morals is a conversation all on its own, and doesn’t that make you talk and think more about her as a character? I did talk more about Rarity in a video I did about her and how she got from high maintenance drama queen to sincere, giving, and impressive drama queen. Be sure to check it out in the link. I’m Penny Wrights and I think I have some shopping to do of my own.