• Tennis Balls are Best Balls

    In the world of sports spheres the Tennis Ball reigns supreme. 

    WeAreBorg here to tell you why...

    The Perfect Color

    I think the evidence in undeniable that the yellow and greens of your official Tennis Balls are the ideal color. The high visibility offers the perfect way of tracking the ball whether you are trying to stab it with your horn or chase it in the middle of the night.

    The Perfect Size


    Not only does its lend to flying through the air at high speed it is also fits the shape of the hoof very well. Big enough to be seen in the grass and small enough to fit in the mane or on a horn.

    The Perfect Taste


    I'm not sure you've had a chance to sample the unique delicacy that is Tennis Ball but you should know it is most exquisite. There is a reason they are the ball of choice for both dogs and ponies.


    Tennis balls can be used for a variety of purposes from games, to horn warmers and even covering walker legs of old ponies.

    The Perfect Texture


    Tennis balls are super cuddly as they are the only furred ball. If ever you feel lonely, you need to remember that a tennis ball is there for you and you can feel its returned love through its soft, fuzzy exterior.

    I hope you've found this information informational and now know without a doubt that Tennis Balls are best balls.