• Completely 100% Legit List of The First Half of Generation 5 My Little Pony Series Episodes!

    While our focus is on Izzy now, we are still going to cover G5. With our ever-impressive team of fact checkers, investigators, hackers, and really smart people, we have managed to dug up the first 13 episodes of the 5th generation series releasing some time after the Netflix movie! Rejoice!

    Below the break, find a very legit list of episodes. It turns out Pony Life was only a sign of things to come, and Hasbro is doubling down on that pop culture insanity that happened there. Hope you are ready for one crazy season! 


    1. Fantastic Fictions and where to find them (Pt. 1)

    While Sunny Starscout is researching a history of friendships at the library, she stumbles across a book full of secret stories about famous ponies throughout Equestria's histories - everything from horror stories to wacky comedies to steamy romance novels. But when she stumbles across stories about a dark future for Equestria, Sunny becomes determined to prevent the worst from happening - and accidentally brings the storybook heroine and all her dangerous adversaries into the world. Starring Dua Lipa as Littlepip and Keanu Reeves as Red Eye.

    2. Fantastic Fictions and where to find them (Pt. 2)

    Having accidentally summoned a storybook heroine and all her villains into Equestria, Sunny Starscout, her friends and Littlepip must work together to send the storybook villains back where they came from - even while the magic of the secret storybook continues to seep into Sunny's world, turning friends into enemies and enemies into special someponies as Sunny works to uncover the truth, save the world and learn a few things about fact and fiction. Starring Dua Lipa as Littlepip and Keanu Reeves as Red Eye.

    Episode Writer: Pitr Ikkord

    3. The Bats are Here to Stay

    A new family of batponies moves into town and starts selling mangoes. Everyone is excited by the new exotic fruit and lemon sales plummet. Annoyed, Sunny tries to find out their secret with the help of the mysterious Zipp and accidentally plunges the country into a fruit war.

    Episode writer: Fluffy Tachyon

    4. All the Racket with Izzy

    Izzy Moonbow is a simple and unremarkable unicorn. She has never excelled at anything in her life. "Average" is a term often heard more times than she can count and she is perfectly fine with that. But one day fate appears at her doorstep in the form of a pamphlet recruiting new players for an upcoming tennis tournament. While all her friends get busy practicing, Izzy decides to cheer for them from the sidelines. However, one stray ball headed in her direction will change not only her life, but the entire sport of Equestrian tennis forever.

    Episode writer: Coby Meteor

    5. A Spike in the Crypto Charts

    A powerful cryptocurrency dragon named “Spike” threatens to buy every city he can and turn them into mining towns to feed his ever-growing crypto empire. Sunny is thrilled at the prospect as this will bring tons of new hard to find GPU’s into the local market and she has been desperately trying to find an RTX 3080 for her new rig. But the costs will be high. Not only for the towns and their inhabitants, but also because the GPU’s will definitely not be at MSRP.

    Episode writer: Coby Meteor

    6. Kirin-Pop 

    The Young Three go to the Peaks of Peril to break four special Kirins out of the Tartarus. Known as DarkPink, our heroes must discover the power of Kirin Pop, also known as K-Pop to go Behind The Scenes and save DarkPink from Danger. They must challenge King Gee-Dragon, the Twice ruler of the Peaks of Peril after a Monster of a battle. Will they Be The Best, or will Gee-Dragon stamp out Kirin Pop 4NE1? Cherry Bullet.

    Episode writer: Vick O. Din.

    7. A Hitch in Plans

    Hitch decides it’s time for him to stallion up and do what makes him happy: Standing round with a wet mane. Will the other ponies be able to get anything done with such a striking distraction? Will Sunny die of embarrassment?

    Episode writer: Fluffy Tachyon

    8. Some of My Best Friends are Unicorns

    Sunny Starscout takes pride in including unicorns and pegasi in her collection of historical action figures. Not non-pony races, though. They always had separate kingdoms as it was, but somehow, she’s only concerned with uniting the pony tribes. Most of them, anyway. Not those snooty alicorns. She doesn’t even want the super-limited-edition Celestia and Luna figures, which cost a good six months’ allowance on the secondary market, if you can even find one, so better just to leave them out of the party so she has an excuse not to collect them. (Her Twilight Sparkle figure is totally pre-alicorn.) Wait, the local comic shop got in a couple of rare Celestias, for only 75 bits, but they’re going fast? She can get there in only 5 minutes and—

    In summary, alicorns need to be included in the new unified realm.

    Episode writer: Pennsylvania Scottie

    9. Say It, Don’t Spray It

    Princess Pipp Petals learns not to make her subjects address her by her full title when they’ve been eating crisps.

    writer: Pennsylvania Scottie

    10. Living The Plush Life

    Pipp is bored of being a princess and decides to run away, but not before putting a stuffed toy in her place. What will she do when she comes back and nobody noticed the swap?

    Episode writer: Fluffy Tachyon

    11. It’s Always Sunny in Fillydelphia

    Sunny goes on a trip to Fillydelphia and enjoys the city so much, she finds it impossible to leave. Literally! Every day she departs for home, and every day she awakes back in Fillydelphia. It’s like the day is on constant repeat with no end in sight. What mysterious forces are keeping her trapped in the city, repeating the same day over and over again? All she knows is this plot sounds awfully familiar…

    Episode writer: Coby Meteor

    12. The Stars Will Aid in Their Escape (Pt. 1)

    Ponies are going to space but they’re not using magic to do so. They also have this ridiculous notion that the world is round and heavenly bodies move of their own accord. This free thinking is dangerous to the way of life Izzy only recently discovered. It’s up to Izzy and crew, to hijack a spacecraft, stop the abomination that is science, and prove once and for all the world is flat. But the power of Friendship Magic is at odds, because not only will the forces of so-called “Science Ponies” try to stop them but so too will the ponies they once knew as family. Can friendship win out over logic and reason?

    Episode writer: Anny T. Vaxx

    13. The Stars Will Aid in Their Escape (Pt. 2)

    On board the first pony built spaceship Izzy discovers she can open inter-galactic portals with her magic. The desire to explore is strong but playing with the forbidden science has a price. Now it’s time for our heroes to save their broken world from Space Sphinx Borgs from another universe, make new friends in the most unlikely of atmospheres, and brace themselves against a new truth that will rock them to their core and make them question everything they knew about Tennis balls...

    Episode writer: Anny T. Vaxx