• Rolling Stone Posts Article on FedEx Shooting: "Do Bronies Have a 'Nazi' Problem?"


    As the news about the shooter's online dealings begins to spread so has the discussion about the radicalization of individuals online and how the generally accepting nature of the Brony fandom has unfortunately created safe spaces for far-right elements to take root. Rolling Stone, which has dabbled a little in the fandom with an occasional article here and there, brings up and updates questions asked last year when The Atlantic posted a similar article about Nazis in the Brony fandom.

    The article makes a good point that it would be unfair to have the FedEx shootings paint the whole fandom in a negative light and that "The vast majority of bronies are regular people who enjoy a colorful cartoon with a positive message." But, all the same, the fandom does have to deal with the fact we have extremists in our midst considering what happened in Indianapolis and it is up to us all to oust intolerance from the community when we see it. Our stance on far-right material like Aryanne remains unchanged and banned as we stated a year ago; there is no place for it here or elsewhere in the fandom at large.

    Our community has had its share of tribulations over the years, but I still see there is so much good in the fandom. It won't be easy, mistakes will be made, but if we work together to remove the intolerant among us we will have a safer and happier fandom as a result.

    Find the article from Rolling Stone below. Thanks to Abi for sending it in!

    Do Bronies Have a ‘Nazi Problem’? FedEx Shooting Shines Light on Faction of Subculture

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