• Pony Love & Vocal Chops Music & PMV: Wrillez Basics feat. Brilliant Venture vs. Daniel Ingram - Freako Way (Hybrid Mix) [Dubstep]

    It's Brilliant Venture's birthday today, so go wish a happy birthday to the MVP of the pony music scene who always spreads so much pony passion and brony spirit with his fan works!! And as the tradition goes from such an awesome pony, for his birthday he's the one gifting us something (crazy, right?) This time it's the finished version of a track from 2015 that is finally seeing the light of day (read the full stopry from the description on YouTube), and it's been infused with so much pony love with these emotional pony vocal chops as per the musician's signature, AND it's doubling as a remix of I've Got to Find a Way from the S3 finale, too! Let us partake in the emotion and the love together as we listen to the song, my brethren!