• BronyStudy Back With A New Survey!


    Feeling up to doing some science? BronyStudy is back after a bit of a hiatus and they are looking to gather some crucial information from the fandom before G5 starts later this year!

    As usual, the survey takes about 20 minutes and if you're older than 18 you have a chance at winning an Amazon gift card for filling it out!

    Check on after the break for the full details.

     I’m hoping you all can help us out with the continuation of the Brony Study project we have been working on over the last 10 years. We are doing another anonymous survey (20 min or less) about the brony fandom moving forward through 2021 and beyond! This survey is to gauge your current view of the community and its future and we are also looking for volunteers to sign up for follow up studies in the future.


    Participants over the age of 18 are eligible to win an Amazon gift card (chances of winning are 1 in 200, draw entries will be confidential and not associated with survey responses).


    You can contribute to the psychological study of the fandom by completing the survey online:



    The survey will be open for most of April, 2021.

    You can also visit our newly revamped website at https://sites.google.com/view/bronystudyresearch/home where you can view past presentations and publication information, writeups of research, and check out some information on the new book Meet the Bronies: The Psychology of the Adult My Little Pony Fandom. If you have any questions please contact us at bronystudypsychology@gmail.com.

    Twitter: Calpain